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Sports Drinks And Your Teeth: The Truth



Back in the day, people always warned against eating too much sugar. “If you eat too many of those candies, your teeth are going to fall out!” We now know that is false information. Sugar does not destroy teeth. It’s not necessarily great for you or your teeth, but it’s not the root cause of decay. Many people drink sport and energy drinks as a healthier alternative to sodas, coffee, and teas.

These same people would be shocked to find that these ‘healthy’ sports and energy drinks actually in some cases may be worse for you than the drinks you are trying to replace.

It’s not just sugar, Sugar

Your teeth have a protective outer layer that is called enamel. The enamel shields the nerves and inner parts of your teeth from temperatures, decay, and pain. When enamel starts to decay, all of these things become more intense and painful for you.

Sugar is essentially not what decays enamel, but rather acid is the issue. Sugar is converted into acid by bacteria in your mouth, so in the long run, sugary drinks can cause tooth decay, but it’s the acid that results from the sugar that really does the damage.

The problem with energy and sports drinks is that they are actually already loaded with acids. Studies have come to worrisome conclusions that show these drinks may start decaying your enamel after only five days of consecutive use. Scientists involved in the study decided that these drinks have practical uses for athletes and individuals under intense training conditions; however, they see little reason for other people to use the drinks on a regular basis.

Teeth are important. Once your baby teeth fall out, you only have one set of teeth and they are supposed to last you the rest of your life, which can be 80-90 years. It is extremely important to take the best care of them, to make sure you do nothing to jeopardize the lifespan that they are supposed to last.

Our teeth will have normal wear and tear as it is; and on top of that, we have genetic predispositions that can affect how long they last as well. With all of those things to consider, do you really want to put the health of your mouth on the line just so that you can enjoy a few sports drinks that don’t really have that much to offer you, nutritionally, as it is? It’s just not worth it.

Keep Your Enamel

Dentists recommend brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily. This will keep your mouth clean and rid it of any acid that could cause tooth decay, along with bacteria that are harmful to your mouth and overall health. Good oral hygiene is important and has lasting effects. One of the first things people notice about other people is their smile. Make sure you take good care of yours so that you can keep on smiling and bringing joy to others. Keep away from the sports and energy drinks as an added precaution.