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5 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Oral Hygiene So Your Mouth Stays Healthy



How much of an effort do you make in the morning before you leave the house? Some people spend far too long getting ready and it’s a complete waste of time. They could probably look as good if they got ready in half the time. Luckily there is only a small percentage of people who are this vain. You then have some on the opposite end of the extreme scale and they do nothing. They are usually the ones who are too lazy to even brush their teeth.

I hope you are not one of them because I really don’t want you to wake up one morning in the future and regret your past. If you look into the mirror and see someone with horrible teeth there is a good chance you might. I think today should be the day you do start making an effort in the morning. Don’t go to the other extreme by spending half an hour trying on different clothes, but you definitely need to start taking care of your oral hygiene and this is how you can do it.

Start with flossing

Before you even put a brush near your teeth you need to give them a clean with floss first. The reason for this is because it makes your mouth stink. If you brush first it means your mouth will feel dirty all day. Floss is amazing at getting to those hard to reach places where your brush can’t go. It’s a habit you need to develop if you don’t want to have problems because of a piece of pork. Make sure you do it once per day, but after every meal would be better.

Brushing mistakes

There is a good way to brush your teeth and there is a bad way. Unfortunately for most people, they do it the bad way and that is to brush in a backward and forwards motion as fast as their hand can possibly go. If you want to do it the correct way you’ll be surprised to know it’s much easier and all it takes is for you to slowly go around in circles. That doesn’t mean you should go so slow that you’re almost at a complete stop, but it should be much slower than your top speed.

Eating sugar

I bet you were told a thousand times that eating sugary food was bad for you. When you’re younger it doesn’t stop you from stuffing your face with chocolate and cake, but as you get older you start to realize that looks matter. You want your teeth to stay as lovely and white looking as possible. That is only going to happen if you put down the sugary cereal and learn to love healthy food. Withdrawal from sugary food is hard, but the future of your teeth depends on it.

Don’t smoke

If you want white teeth it seems weird having a smoking habit. You have probably seen the mess it does to your fingers. Even the living room wall will start to go yellow after a while if you repeatedly smoke in the house. Your teeth will be affected in the same way and after a while, they will discolor. That is on top of the horrible breath you will have. It’s the kind of breath that makes people stand back when you open your mouth anywhere near them.

Swishing and scraping

There are another couple of cool tricks to keep your mouth nice and fresh. The first one requires you to have mouthwash so you can swish it around your mouth for a minute in the morning and before you go to bed. It’s just something extra that will help keep your teeth clean and your mouth fresh. The last one should be done at the same time as brushing your teeth and that is to take a tongue scraper and take away and the horrible stuff that lies on top of it.