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Best Energy Drink Alternatives that are Healthy & Scientifically Based



Best energy drink alternatives that are healthy & scientifically based

Are you tired of chugging caffeinated drinks that make you crash at the end of the day? Learn how to impact your cellular health and have everlasting energy.

More than 30% of young adults consume energy drinks as a dietary supplement every day in the U.S. alone. The popularity can be attributed to the widely spread notion that they boost energy, enhance mental alertness, and physical performance.

If you, like many of these consumers, love the buzz you get from energy drinks but hate the slump you feel after the effect subsides, you’ll be glad to know there are other best energy drink alternatives that you could switch to as described herein.

Fruit Juices

A glass of fruit juice is the last thing that would come to the minds of many when thinking of energy drink alternatives.

However, a glass of orange or mango juice is way much better than a bottle of commercial energy drinks as it contains natural sugars. This means you don’t have to worry about fighting fatigue by frequently taking a bottle of Monster or a cup of coffee.

A glass of fruit juice is also the best healthy energy drink as it is easily absorbed into your system resulting in an instant energy boost. It also holds a lot of nutritional value. An added benefit is that you have a diverse array of juice recipes that you could try out every day.

Protein Shakes

If you are looking for energy drinks that are good for you, then you should consider protein shakes. These shakes are a good source of complex carbs which are critical to energy production. This is why most people who lead an active lifestyle take them before indulging in a workout.

Even though they don’t give you an instant boost like a commercial energy drink would, once it kicks in, energy from a protein shake is much more longer-lasting.

Additionally, a quality protein shake has the added advantage of enabling you to reach your nutritional requirement.

Green Smoothies

Green juices and smoothies are healthy alternatives to energy drinks. They pack a lot of B Vitamins which have been scientifically proven to speed up the body’s metabolism rate. A high metabolism rate, on the other hand, tends to speed up the body’s energy production rate.

Therefore, drinking a glass of green juice every day before you hit the road will give you the much-needed energy to face the day.  Also, it is vital to note that unlike energy drinks, the benefits of such juices go beyond strength. They are full of other minerals and nutrients which give you an immune boost that can also be derived from other products by

Peppermint Tea

Apart from offering sinus relief, soothing a sore throat, weight loss, and stress relief, peppermint tea is also among energy drinks that are good for you. If none of the above works for you, peppermint tea boosts your oomph and makes your breath smell fresher.

Try Out Best Energy Drink Options

There are many other best energy drink alternatives that you could try out and ditch the commercial and caffeinated drinks that make you slump at the end of the day.