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If you have lived long enough, you would know that anything in life that is rewarding usually does not become free. However, there are a few exceptions.

For example, if you’re leasing an apartment, many times they give you 1 month’s free rent if move in before a certain date or sign at least a specific lease term. Or you get a free t-shirt somewhere if you sign up for a new credit card. You get the point.

First Way To Become A Team Beach Body Coach For Free

So how do you become a Team Beach Body Coach for free? How do you get rid of that measly $39.95 sign up fee and get your 25% off discount membership? Why would Beachbody allow you to start your own online fitness and health business for free if it had the potential to replace your full time job in the future? So many questions to consider.

Here is why. Team Beach Body believes you should be rewarded for your hard work. So, when you start with a direct plan and commit to start your 60-90 day body transformation via a Beachbody Challenge Pack, they will waive your Coach fee($39.95 Value). This is the first way to become a Team Beach Body Coach For Free.

What is the catch? There is no catch. Just do what you know you need to do, which is exercise, eat healthy, and share your results by engaging with your assigned support group and get results.

Let’s dig deeper on how this works….

Many times people are starting from zero. They have no clue how to get started to lose weight or whatever goal it is they desire. All they know is that they want to lose weight, get toned, build muscle mass, or just get heatlhier inside. Regardless of your need, Team Beach Body has a solution for you.

They made it easy for a fitness dummie to look like a genius. They have put together Beachbody Challenge Packs. These packs include a complete solution for you to go from zero to superhero while taking out all the guesswork.

Here is what the Team Beach Body Challenge Packs includes:

  1. Fitness Program of your Choice (P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, Les Mills Pump, Body Beast, Ect)
  2. Nutrition (Shakeology delivered monthly to your doorstep)
  3. Cutting Edge Support – Private accountability groups, message boards, chat rooms, personal coach, ect

No need to:
Hire a personal trainer($40+ per hour) to guide you through the proper training.
Hire a nutritionist($100 per hour)

Challenge Pack – $160-$245 lifetime
Hiring a personal trainier and nutrionist for just one hour a week – $6720 per year

In addition, you can offset the challenge pack costs by sharing your success with others and when they purchase a challenge pack from you, you earn 25%. If you refer just 3 challenge packs, you would earn 150-210 or basically get your own Challenge pack for free. Now how does that $6720 per year sound? There is a better way, especially in this economy when the financial world is in a whirl and the environment we live in today is more toxic than ever. We can’t afford to ignore our health, but it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

You will have all the resources, guidance, information, and more, from the time you purchase your Team Beach Body Challenge Pack.

Another Way To Become A Team Beach Body Coach for Free

Beachbody rewards those who fight for our country, and what a great thing that is. That’s right, if you are in active duty, you can become a Team Beach Body coach for free. This is the best way because not only do you get the $39.95 waived, but also the monthly recurring $15.95. So you get to own your own business totally free because of the great services you provide to our country. A total savings of $231.35 for the year.

You get the same benefits of someone who pays full price for their coach membership. Some of the important benefits are:

  • 25% discount on all Beachbody products
  • Qualify to earn up to 25% commissions on sales from your referrals
  • Access to an elite community of over 1 million fitness and health targeted individuals.

Get started as a Military Team Beach Body Coach for free and commit to your health now

Beachbody Coach
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Live Passionately,

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