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Services Provided At A Salisbury Health Center



A Salisbury health center may provide different types of services depending on the type of medical issues they address. One health center may focus only on women’s health issues such as pap smear examinations and filling prescriptions for birth control medications. In contrast, another might be a wellness center that sees people of all ages who may not have a regular doctor or cannot afford one.

Health Centers for Women

A Salisbury health center for women may provide them with the ability to have pap smears performed to ensure reproductive health. A woman who is not ready to build their family yet may need birth control prescribed. The health center can also provide women with information on the various types of birth control, and help them determine the best one for their particular needs. A woman can be tested for an STD if they have symptoms and can be prescribed medication to get rid of the disease.

Pregnancy tests are also available for women who feel they may be pregnant. A Salisbury health center may also provide other types of treatment for women, such as HIV testing. Some women may be uncomfortable seeing their regular doctor about specific situations such as HIV or STD testing. A women’s health center provides them with the confidentiality they need to feel comfortable enough to come in and have their medical issues addressed and treated.

Wellness Centers  

Another type of Salisbury health center involves one that is open to all individuals. Some wellness centers do not make appointments as they are walk-in only. They are usually for people who either can’t get to their doctor for a few days and need to see one right away, or they do not have a regular doctor. Normally these centers see people who need treatment for bacterial infections, injuries like minor cuts or burns, earache, or other non-emergency conditions.

A wellness center may also handle health maintenance appointments such as pap smears or prostate exams. An urgent care center, on the other hand, usually does not control these types of assignments. They see people who have non-emergency medical issues that need to see a doctor to relieve pain or prescribe medication. A person who is undergoing an emergency, however, should be taken to the emergency room and not a wellness or urgent care center as they may need to be admitted into the hospital or transferred to a larger medical facility.

A Salisbury health center can provide the community with various services that may help to ease crowded doctor’s offices. Many doctors in the area may have too many patients, or they are not taking on new patients at all. If fewer doctors enter the Salisbury area, it means they need for health and wellness centers will be on the rise. While many people like to see the same doctor for every health issue, it may become necessary to see various doctors at health centers instead.

A health and wellness center has doctors and nurses on staff that are just as knowledgeable and have the necessary equipment to diagnose an illness the same as a regular doctor’s office has. While you might not be able to see the same doctor each time you visit, they will have your chart that tells them what medications you are on and any illness you have had. Usually, when you first come to a health center, you are asked to fill out forms providing the doctors with information on prior diseases and any medication you are presently taking. Consider visiting a health center if you become ill or have women’s health issues.