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How Grandparents Can Keep Their Bodies Fit



As people get older, their health and level of fitness start to deteriorate. Things that might have once been easy, such as climbing a flight of stairs, gradually become more tiring.

Fortunately, there are many exercises older people can still do to stay active and maintain or improve their level of fitness.

The Simplest and Still the Best

Walking is the simplest, easiest, and best exercise that an older person, or indeed anyone, can do to keep fit. It can be done just about anywhere, even around the house, and all that is needed is a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes. Take a refreshing walk around the park if there is one nearby, but even walking to the local shops can be beneficial.

There are some things to be aware of when walking: stretch appropriately before and after a walk to avoid stiff muscles and maintain a proper posture when walking. Also, make sure that shoes being worn are appropriate.

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Wonderful Water

Swimming or exercising in water is a great and therapeutic way to keep fit. It is also a low impact as the water supports the body, putting less strain on joints and muscles, which is vital in the case of older people.

Swimming is relaxing as well as toning and uses most of the body’s muscles, but for someone who may not like to swim or is not very good at it, many public swimming pools will have water fitness or water aerobics classes.

Other Exercises

There are other classes older people could take part in if they want to keep fit. Yoga and Tai Chi are both relaxing and non-strenuous while helping to build strength and flexibility. For those who want more of a workout, Pilates, or weight training provides a greater challenge. Weight training may seem too much, but as long as you stick to lighter weights with more repetitions, you should be fine.

Of course, with any exercise, it is essential to only do as much as you feel you can and not strain or push yourself. If you feel in pain at any point, you need to stop. This is where doing a class could be beneficial as instructors will be trained appropriately in ensuring older people in their levels are doing the exercises correctly and being careful.

Trying to maintain the right level of health and fitness for as long as possible is essential as individual things, such as finding over 50s life insurance, can be more difficult if you are in a poor state of health. However, exercise can be fun and beneficial to everyone, and there is no reason for it to cease simply because you get older. And it is never too late to start trying to improve your level of fitness.