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Rolling Back the Years with Updated Trends



With the sheer range of beauty products available, it is often hard to choose which select items make the leap from obscurity into your make up bag.  One small touch, such as a slick of eyeliner or a particularly vibrant choice of nail varnish can instantly transform your look from weak to chic.  Often, the re-invention of old classics can be a simple yet effective way of achieving a new, enviable style.

New Season, Not So New Trends

Alongside fresh ideas, 2012 has borne witness to a returning emphasis on classic beauty, with nail varnishes in the French manicure style coming back into fashion focus.  Your own manicure can replicate the combination of old and new in a subtle way.  Try updating the classic style and giving it a modern edge by exchanging the traditional varnish colors and replacing the conventional white with a brightly colored tip.  Whilst the French manicure has made its return to the spotlight, there has also been a focus on metallic and blue nail varnishes.

Old and new ideas are competing for your attention, so how do you know which way to turn?  You may end up in a state of make-up madness, switching rapidly between a French manicure and blue-tipped fingers; although hopefully, the latter won’t be due to the icy winter temperatures!  It is easier said than done to create polished perfection and often the old adage, practice makes perfect, needs to be implemented in order to mix old and new and create a truly unique look.

Step Back In Time

Over the past year, influences from the past have been seeping into everyday life.  From Kate Middleton rejuvenating the blow-dry to swishing perfection to Kate Moss walking the runway at the London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony, the past is back with a bang.  It can be difficult to see the past lurking amongst the brand new items in your make up bag, but look a little closer and you just might find something.  From the previously discussed nail varnish alterations, to surreptitiously changing lipsticks and hairstyles, the past really does have a place in the future.

Try updating your classic red lipstick by adding a shimmering gold layer of balm or lipstick over the top, thereby effortlessly combining this season’s metallic trends with a classic staple.  Another era shouldering its way into today is the 60s.  Influences of this era are seen in eyeliner becoming more pronounced and flicked out at the ends, alongside half-up, half-down hairstyles which scream volume.  In a world of new technology such as laser hair removal, tattooed eyebrows, and the dreaded “vajazzle”, it can be reassuring to know that old classics still have a place.

However, when adopting an old look, it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of a few of today’s tricks.  For example, adding a topcoat to any manicure can stop nail varnish becoming thick and clumpy, providing an even sheen across the nail.  It is these small tricks that can ensure makeup appears seamless.  When testing these new looks, it is also helpful to know that the ruthless eyes of a scathing magazine editor will not be watching you traverse the catwalk from your bedroom to your front door!

Outer Varnish, Inner Shine

Mixing the classic and the new means that not only does your make up look innovative, but you also do too.  This season will see the return of perfectly manicured nails, which some fashion circles have termed the power manicure.  So why not channel this into your personal life?  Often a simple touch such as having perfectly applied nail varnish, or super sharp lipstick, can take an ordinary look and transform it into an extraordinary one.  Everyone has a tried and tested beauty staple they’ve relied upon for years.

Looking at past and classic successes and giving them a new twist has the potential to provide you with extra confidence.  You may even appear more polished than the perfect manicure you’ve spent hours creating!

If you’re looking for a quick fix to gain an instant style revival, why not treat yourself to some new nail varnish?  It could add the final touch to an already strong look.