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Why Yoga is Perfect for Seniors And the Benefits of Practicing it



Why yoga is perfect for seniors and the benefits of practicing it

Why Yoga is Perfect for Seniors

The discipline of yoga was developed in India, created for the unification and harmony of body, mind, and soul. The stress in which we live today is an undeniable part of our daily lives. Both adults and the elderly, are struck by this dire physical state that generates each day, more and more diseases and deterioration into our lives. Therefore, the practice of yoga has no age.

There are many benefits attributed to this millenary practice of physical discipline. For example, it has been much discussed, that the power to regenerate the body and the mind with yoga exercise, can make a person who practices the discipline, feel younger in age and heart.

Older people highly benefit from the practice of yoga and the immediate results that these people experience attest that it is never late if happiness is good. Why is yoga perfect for the elderly?

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Feeling Younger Again
Today, men and women are in search of the fountain of youth, and here we include the elderly population. Beauty and health go together, no matter what age. Beauty is not only external. Beauty comes from within. With the practice of yoga, you can improve the look of your skin. Because of its varied and straightforward exercises, the oxygenation of the blood helps the appearance of the skin, giving way to a more youthful and healthy look.

Let’s Get Physical
Telling the older adults that they should remain calm, that they must take things slowly, that they can not be up and down all day, has proven to be false. This lifestyle only leads to deterioration, not only physical but mentally too. The practice of yoga enhances healthy joints and flexibility, helping much to prevent the progression of arthritis and osteoporosis, and the pain it causes. The older people managed to sleep better because the stress levels go down considerably, and therefore the practice of yoga becomes their best medicine.

Weight Control
Losing weight is not only sought today by young people because to look good and healthy is a matter of all. The soft and intense calm, which is carried out in the practice of yoga, makes you learn to breathe better, and therefore, improve respiratory problems, hypertension conditions can be controlled, and it promotes a healthy weight reduction.

Living Social
The majority of older adults are lonely and often inactive. Yoga not only helps them to enhance physically and mentally, but also promotes them to socialize in a pleasant atmosphere, but above all, healthy and safe.
For them, to feel part of a group gives them back a sense of belonging probably lost some time ago, and that makes them happy.

Born in the heart of a peaceful culture, more than five thousand years ago, yoga has become the number one method in the world to stay healthy and balanced. Bridging all the best qualities of the practice of yoga, the sweet chant of Om will give you the peace and energy to stop the clock.