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In Search For The Long Lost Fountain Of Youth: In With The Short, Out With The Long!



These days, more and more women are opting for a shorter haircut. This trend has been extremely popular even for the older generations. What is it with short haircuts that make women say goodbye to long hair? Long hair may have been the most conventional choice for a lot of women before but now that more and more women are becoming more experimental, they welcome and embrace the change that short hair cuts can give them.

Most older women opt for shorter haircuts as this will make them look younger. Before, older women are expected to conform to the traditions of society and opt for longer hair. These days, they are joining the bandwagon and are opening themselves to more youthful choices like shorter hair cuts.

Do you wish to look young and beautiful? Do you wish to feel that youthful vibe once again? If yes, then a shorter haircut is in order! If you wish to know which type of short haircut will work well for you, there are some factors that you need to take into account. The ideal haircut depends on factors such as lifestyle, facial structure, and the personality of a woman. In the event that you wish to cut your hair short, then it is best that you take a look at some of the short haircut styles that are recommended for older women.

Sleek Bob

The sleek bob is one of the most popular choices not only by the younger generations but by the older ones as well. This short bob will surely make anyone look younger, trendier, and more professional. To make the most out of this look, it would be best that you put on hair color in accordance to your complexion. It will be up to the hairstylist to add some personalized touches so that it will complement your personality and facial structure.

Short Pixie

When we say short pixie hairstyles, we are referring to that style which is created through the creation of many layers on the side and the back of your hair. If you wish to look sportier, trendier, sexier, and younger, then this is the best haircut to opt for! This short haircut can certainly enhance and flatter any facial features of the person wearing it.

Trendy Short

For older women, this is a haircut of about 2-3 inches in length. When you take a look at the length of the hair, it is safe to say that this type of short haircut is the easiest one to maintain! Aside from that, this can be styled in any way you wish. If you want to go for that messy look, all you need to do is to add texture to your hair and you’re done! This type of hair will just take a few minutes to get ready.

Short hair with bangs

Ever since women love wearing bangs and fringes. This is the perfect permanent accessory to any hairstyle. If there are some unpleasant features you wish to hide, then this is the best option for you. Before fringes are only for younger generations but a lot of changes already took place. Now, this trend is also being enjoyed by older generations. In order to determine which type of fringe will best work for you, try asking your hairstylist.