Common Causes of Fertility Problems in Men


Fertility is not just a women’s concern, it concerns men too. In fact research shows that male fertility problems play a major role in about fifty percent of all couples facing fertility issues.

If you are a female and have regular, unprotected sex with your male partner for more than a year without getting pregnant, then you need to consider seeing a doctor immediately as one of you could be infertile.  There is however no reason to panic if this is the case, research shows that nearly ninety percent of couples facing infertility issues can be cured and treated successfully.

There are several factors that can cause a problem with male fertility. Whether it is a problem with the man’s sperm count, or whether he has to do with abnormally.  Below are some of the most common causes:


Mumps is a contagious disease that is caused by the mumps virus. It was previously thought that mumps could cause infertility however it was later discover that it is extremely uncommon for mumps n to lead to infertility.

Low sperm motility


Low sperm motility refers to the inability of a male sperm to reach the egg. A lot of research shows that this has a lot to do with man’s nutritional issue.  Some studies suggest that high level of zinc can lead to low sperm count so lowering your zinc level, taking the correct nutritional supplements and following a healthy diet often improve sperm motility.

Low sperm count

This is often known as oligospermia, it occurs if there is less than 20 milliliters of per semen. This can be very frustrating especially for man but the good news is this can be treated.  The first thing one needs to do is to seek and doctor and get tested as treatment really depends on each individual and the exact cause of this issue.

Abnormal sperm

Abnormal sperm is different from low sperm count. As low sperm count can often be addressed in various ways such us simply changing your diet or getting a handful of essential nutritional supplements.

There many cause of infertility  that are not listed in this article and you might need to consider that why it is very important so see a doctor or health care provider to see what kinds of options work and be  available for you in terms of treatment options.

Sara is a nurse at a leading fertility clinic in UK, her recent article was about: NHP Fertility Support for men and women.


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