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Top Medical Symptoms You Need to See a Doctor For



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Whether they happen spur of the moment or gradually get worse, there are some symptoms that are more serious than others. Some symptoms may seem like common, minor problems at first but if left alone they can create future medical issues and could even lead to death! Here are the top medical symptoms that you could experience at any time but need to seek medical help immediately.

Breathing Problems and Chest Pains

These are linked to problems with the heart and lungs. When you hear about chest pains, most people think heart attack, but these can actually occur for a number of reasons. You may have asthma, pneumonia, or another heart or lung problem. It can also be a sign of cancer! The sooner you are checked out, the sooner you will be able to get back to your normal life – or take the steps to get back there – without the risk of dying.

Paralysis of the Body, Numbness, or Dizziness or Slurred Speech

Anything that is connected to these symptoms is a sign that you are having a stroke. This is when the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen because it has been cut off accidentally. There are people who have mini-strokes and never have a problem while others will have one major stroke that they never recover from. It is a scary time but the sooner you seek medical help the better it is for you and your family.

If caught early, you could make a full recovery. The symptoms will depend on the part of your brain that has been affected. If just a small area of the brain is cut off then their symptoms are likely to be much smaller. However, it also depends on the functions of the area. If the area that controls the speech is cut off, the symptoms will be much more prominent.

Blood in Your Urine

You need to seek medical attention whenever you see blood in your urine. Most of the time there will also be a pain but sometimes the body doesn’t feel it. Blood in the urine is a sign that there is a problem with your kidneys. You may be lucky and it could just be an infection that is easily cleared but it could be something much more serious. The kidneys help to flush out all the toxins from the body and when they shut down, your body will not be able to do everything it needs and it will eventually lead to death.

Suicidal Thoughts and Depression

When you think about serious symptoms, it is common to think of the physical ones. Too many people don’t realize just how serious mental symptoms are. If you ever have thoughts about killing yourself or you’re regularly depressed, it is important to seek medical help. You will not only put yourself at risk but will damage your relationships with others. A doctor will be able to help organize the right medication for your needs, give you links to support groups, and can even help organize cognitive behavior therapy to make sure you get back on the right track.

Medical symptoms occur for many reasons. Some may seem like an ongoing problem but the ones above are signs that you need immediate medical attention. Don’t put something off for the sake of money or fear – the sooner you are treated, the easier and cheaper it will be.