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Important Medical Tests You Can Take At Home



With the help of the Internet, private labs, and your local pharmacy, you have a variety of medical test kits at your fingertips today. Not only can these be done in the privacy of your home, but you can also get immediate results without having to wait for your health care professional to get back to you with the results.

Advances in Medical Technology

Thanks to the many advances in medical technology, it’s now possible to self-test for a number of medical conditions. Not only can they diagnose a condition such as pregnancy, but the medical kits can also monitor and screen for an ailment or health condition. For individuals with diabetes, the screening kits make it easy to monitor your blood sugar levels and determine if your treatment needs to be tweaked. It’s also a great opportunity for people to monitor specific conditions such as cholesterol to help minimize the risk of heart disease and other health concerns.

Safe and Reliable

Home medical kits are safe and reliable, but the devices must be licensed and purchased from a reputable source. An inexpensive kit may be a bargain, but you won’t be happy if the product is defective. You also want to check the expiration date on the kit to ensure an accurate reading. Storage can also affect the outcome of your results, so you want to make sure it’s properly stored per the directions on the packaging. If the tests are positive, you’ll want to consult with your health care provider before taking drastic actions.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

For individuals that may be worried about HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases, websites like allow you to order STD testing under an alias for privacy. Once the test arrives you go to a local lab to have blood drawn and in a few days the results are sent only to you and won’t show up on your health record. When you use these centers for STD testing, they will not even require a physical exam as part of the process like most clinics and doctor’s offices.

Drug Testing Kits

Parents now have the advantage of being able to test their children if they think they’re using drugs or alcohol. The tests are a safe option for promoting a drug and alcohol-free environment in your home. They are also reliable and can only be tainted with the use of mouthwash. The kits can be extremely helpful in keeping young adults headed in the right direction. If you prefer the tests to be diagnosed in a lab, they can also be ordered online directly from the lab under an alias to prevent results from being recorded in permanent health records.

DNA and Genetic Testing

Medical testing has come a long way, and you can now test yourself for a variety of things such as DNA and paternity testing to see if you’re the father of a child. The tests can also help those needing guidance with fertility issues such as ovulation, pregnancy, hormone, and menopause kits.

Staying on top of your health and wellness is important and medical tests can help you screen for certain diseases such as cancer, cholesterol, thyroid, diabetes, anemia, and urinary tract infections from the privacy of your home. Home medical testing kits and screenings that are ordered online from a lab are convenient and hold an assortment of benefits for most users. In addition to their affordability, these testing methods are discreet and easy to use.