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Same Day STD Tests and Home Testing Procedures



The increasing number of individuals who have sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) has prompted the development of quicker and more accurate STD tests. While there are many types of confidential STD test procedures out there, same-day STD tests have become prevalent among the masses because of the countless benefits that they bring.

A notable benefit of the said procedure is the results can be made available after a couple of hours or less than an hour. Such an advantage can quickly eliminate the stress and anxiety of waiting for long hours before knowing the results of STD tests.

Same-day STD tests are done in the same manner as conventional STD tests were performed. Small amounts of blood can be taken to see if one is infected by hepatitis B, HIV, or syphilis. On the other hand, urine or swab tests can be formed to see if one is affected by gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Several private, as well as public health institutions, offer same-day STD tests. This is because a vast majority of their patients are walk-in individuals who worry about their personal information and would want to know the results of their trials in the soonest possible time.

Put, same-day STD tests are highly recommended for those who want to protect their privacy. It is a fact that several infected individuals are hesitant to get tested because of the fear of being embarrassed and humiliated.

In addition to same-day STD tests, those who are afraid of the stigma that is associated with STD infection may also opt for home testing services.

Many private clinics offer the said service, and in this method, clinic personnel will go to the home of the patient to take blood or urine samples. Afterward, they will be brought to their laboratory for testing.

As soon as the test results are made available, the clinic personnel will inform the patient via email or telephone. Compared to same-day STD tests and conventional methods, home testing procedures are more expensive.

In the end, it should be remembered that undergoing STD tests, whether same-day STD tests, home testing procedures, or conventional methods, is essential for sexually active individuals.

This is most true for those who have multiple sex partners and do not practice safe sex. The said people have a heightened chance of developing STD; as such, they should get screened regularly. The said undertaking may not only improve their health; it may also save their life.