The Services Offered By Radiology Consultants Calgary

The services which are offered by radiology consultants in Calgary make it possible for doctors to diagnose a variety of conditions which would be virtually impossible to verify if it was not for the availability of this technology. Chances are, you have utilized at least one of the services which are offered by radiology consultants in Calgary during your lifetime; however, you may not of realized which specialty made this service available to you.

In fact, the majority of people do not have a clue what types of services are offered by radiology consultants in Calgary despite the fact that this specialty is one of the most commonly used specialties in all of the medical profession. This is why I have chosen to shed some light on the very important services which are offered by radiology consultants in Calgary.


There are very few people who get through their entire life without the need for at least one x-ray. Perhaps this is why x-rays are the most commonly offered service of radiology consultants in Calgary. X-rays allow doctors to get an up close look at what is going on beneath the skin. More specifically, x-rays allow doctors to detect broken bones and foreign objects within the body. Being able to get a clear picture of a broken bone can mean all the difference when ensuring that a bone is properly set. If a bone is not properly set it will not heal correctly, and the individual will likely suffer consequences from that poorly set fracture for the rest of their life.


A mammogram is without a doubt the best tool that is currently available to doctors for detecting early stage breast cancer. This is very important because as we all know, the earlier a doctor is able to detect breast cancer, the better the chances are that the cancer can be effectively treated. As a precautionary measure, most woman are sent to radiology consultants in Calgary at the age of 40 in order to receive their first mammogram. Depending upon a woman’s family and personal medical history, they may be referred to a radiology consultant for a mammogram as early as 25 years old.


Another commonly used service of radiology consultants in Calgary is an ultrasound. Ultrasounds can be used for a variety of different purposes. Some of the most common uses of this technology are to investigate the presence of gallbladder or kidney stones, and to check the growth of a fetus during pregnancy. Most pregnant women will be referred for at least one ultrasound during a low risk pregnancy. Women who are carrying a high risk pregnancy may be required to have an ultrasound performed as often as once a week.

Nuclear Imaging

Most forms of internal imaging are limited to detecting just the structural stability of a organ. These types of images can not be used to detect any abnormalities in the way that the organ functions. As a result, these other forms of imaging are virtually useless in detecting and diagnosing thousands of different diseases and disorders. In order to diagnose these disorders radiology consultants in Calgary use a special type of imaging which is known as nuclear imaging.

Nuclear imaging consists of injecting a small dose of radioactive material into an individual’s system. This radioactive material is then able to be tracked as it moves throughout the system by using a special camera. By tracking this material as it is transported through the entire system, doctors are able to examine the way that each organ operates. As a result, doctors are able to easily detect any abnormalities in the organ function.

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