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Health, Rehab and Recovery. 3 Types of Monitoring Systems Proven to Increase Odds of Long Term Recovery



Health, rehab and recovery. 3 types of monitoring systems proven to increase odds of long term recovery

When a patient enters a rehab facility, their behavior and drug use are monitored. When they leave, facilities like OnTrac Recovery’s follow-up program ensured further recovery.

These techniques ensure that the patient’s recovery is structured in a way that improves the patient’s health and ensures that they remain that way.

Monitoring systems used by rehab facilities ensure the best possible outcome for the patient:

  1. Monitoring behavior and activities

When a patient is admitted into a rehab program, the goal is behavior modification. Their reaction to situations will ultimately determine the chances of them successfully completing the program.

If negative responses are monitored, a program can be developed to modify that behavior. This increases the likelihood of the patient staying clean.

It is also very important that the patient is observed during the detox process. Withdrawals from certain substances can be unpleasant and in some instances, even deadly.

  1. Drug testing

Patients will often be hesitant to submit to drug testing, however, requiring testing is an effective way to make sure that they remain on the right path.

When urine testing reveals substance use after admission, the facility can determine how and why the patient relapsed, and help them cope with negative emotions in a healthier way.

It is important not to punish the patient. Instead, try to reinforce positive behavior. Remember that harsh criticism is a recipe for failure for the patient.

  1. Outcome monitoring

Once treatment is complete, the patient leaves the facility. That is a great milestone in the recovery process, but it’s not over yet.

Outcome monitoring involves the facility reaching out to patients after treatment. Following up is an effective way to monitor progress and determine the effectiveness of the program.

People that go through the task of seeking help for substance abuse issues, will usually be truthful about relapses and temptations.

Health, Rehab, Monitoring And Recovery Go Hand-in-hand

OnTrac Recovery provides a unique system for recovery that relies on scientific principles. This method, first used to treat physicians dependent on substances, is now offered to the public.

Since the program was established, results show an 80% success rate with the physicians monitored after treatment. These patients remained substance for five years or more after completion.

OnTrac Recovery’s philosophy is that an effective treatment program with a follow-up and monitoring program has been proven to result in successful, long-term recovery.