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How To Pass Urine Test: Sure Shot Ways That Work



If you have been asked to be tested for drugs, and you are wondering how to pass a urine test, there are a few ways that can help. Drug tests are very common these days, and even your employer might ask you to take one. Take a look at some easy to follow ideas that can help you in passing the test without much trouble.

Diluting the sample:

This is probably one of the most convenient ways of passing urine tests. In general, you use additional fluid to dilute the sample and thereby reduce the concentration of the metabolites. On the positive side, you might get lucky to pass the test, but checking on the flip side, some labs have their own ways of detecting dilution.

The best way to dilute the sample is to add warm water, which helps with the recording of temperature. If you are thinking of drinking too much water, beware of the process because the laboratories get suspicious when the urine is too clear.

Masking the sample:

For urine tests, there are a large number of chemicals available, and most of these contain nitrates that can help in masking the THC. However, these OTC chemicals are easily detected by most labs, so you may not succeed in passing the test. This is mentioned here just to help you to avoid taking the risks of such chemicals.

Substituting the sample:

If you are keen on taking risks, substitution is something that you can risk. You either replace the urine with a synthetic sample or just use someone else’s urine. In the market, you will find synthetic urine in powdered and liquid form. While using any type of synthetic urine, it is extremely important to maintain the temperature.

To a large extent, synthetic urines work perfectly, but for those in for legal and civil tests, this is something to avoid. This is mainly because many labs are now testing for synthetic urine. Also, the liquid urine is known for having no smell and bubbles, so there is a chance of getting the sample rejected. If a lab has any suspicion, you might require giving the sample all over again.

If you are substituting your own same with someone else’s, it is best to test it in advance. It is also very pertinent to use the sample within 48 hours after being kept in refrigeration. In case, the urine is stored for too long, there is a huge chance of bacteria growth, which can create doubts for the lab.

Drinking ample water:

While this is not a complete proven method, but can help you reduce the metabolites in the urine. With water therapy for a few days ahead of the test, you can steer clear of the toxins to a decent extent. However, avoid doing this a day ahead of the test because clear urine is suspected too much.

Taking a high dosage of aspirin is known to be good for passing urine tests with little chances, and you can even think of detox kits. Don’t worry about how to pass a urine test, because there are many who pass with the tricks above.