The Many Health Benefits of Staying Well Hydrated

You’ve heard it all before—drinking water is important for your health. After all, your body is made up of nearly 60 percent water. While you know that it’s important to stay hydrated, you may be interested to learn more about what drinking sufficient amounts of water can do for your body and your overall well-being.

Many people these days go on cleansing diets, which can be beneficial for removing toxins for the body. If you would like to properly excrete toxins from your body on an everyday basis, it is essential to drink enough clean water. The key word is “clean” water since unfiltered water has the potential to add harmful chemicals and other substances to your body, which will defeat the purpose of cleansing your body with water. One of the best ways to ensure that you are drinking clean water is to use a quality water filter such as an under sink water filter that removes microorganisms and other harmful contaminants.

Did you know that staying hydrated will also affect the function of your joints, spinal cord, eyes, brain, and other components of your body? All parts of your body will stay properly lubricated as long as you drink enough water. By staying hydrated, you will improve your digestion, reduce skin problems, improve brain function, and your agility. You will not only feel better physically, but are also sure to feel better emotionally by staying hydrated. Clear thinking, higher energy levels, and overall mental well-being all rely heavily on how hydrated you are.

Your body depends on proper hydration in order to regulate body temperature. For example, in the summer, you sweat in order to cool yourself off. Without enough moisture in the body, you put yourself at risk for overheating. For this reason it is important to drink extra when exercising in the heat. Drinking enough water will also help your body’s cells to transport oxygen to your muscles, which will help you to achieve a more effective workout.

How much water you should drink everyday will depend on your level of physical activity, what the temperature is, and other factors. In general, about 8 glasses of water a day is recommended, but this amount can be adjusted as needed based on personal factors. If your urine is consistently a dark yellow color, then you probably are not drinking enough water. Keep a water bottle with filtered water in it on hand at all times so that it’s easy to remember to stay hydrated.

Sonya Simms is a writer for Billi, a company creating innovative features for homes such as undersink water filters.

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