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Here’s How to Keep High Energy Levels While You Diet



Here’s how to keep high energy levels while you diet

Having survived January, and with our thoughts often on those summer holidays to come, many will have already decided that they need to diet. Be it a New Year’s Resolution, or just a desire to feel better about themselves, there will be people looking to lose weight. But one major factor that defeats the goal is often a lack of energy. Eating less does mean that the body is being supplied with less fuel to function, which can in turn lead to a dip in energy levels. However, dieting doesn’t have to mean that you are too weak to even reach for your gym pass – that’s counter-productive, and potentially unhealthy in itself! So here we look at ways to ensure that you can continue the “diet” whilst maintaining your energy supplies and motivation – to learn more, read on.


Immediately the word sparks fear into some. Try to think of instead as a lifestyle change, combined with regular exercise – so that you do get your money’s worth out of that gym pass! Starvation isn’t a diet, nor is it healthy. Yes, you need to be calorie deficient to burn weight, ie expend more than you consume, but your body needs fuel (the right types) to function, especially when the calories are reduced. By diet think of it as what you eat, not a punishment.


You need to eat! Regular but smaller portions can help the body adapt to a calorie deficient intake. It’s the weaknesses between meals that cause problems. When energy is low, we reach for a quick fix, ie sugar, and that’s bad. Sure, it gives an instant hit, but then there is the spiked drop. Try to cut out food with added sugars, whilst reducing the amount you add to food also.


With your whole day ahead of you, you need a good start, so go for a slow release carbohydrate based breakfast such as porridge, but not the instant version! Eating a good breakfast can stave of hunger for longer and fuel your body better too.

5 A Day

Your body needs fuel, but it also needs to look after itself with vitamins and minerals gained only from your fruit and vegetable intake.

The Iron

Not the stuff you lift in the gym, but in the food. Iron-rich foods prevent fatigue, so ensure that you get your fix.


At times you may not be hungry, just thirsty. Being dehydrated is tiring and unhealthy so ensure that you get a good amount of water based hydration daily. Alcohol dehydrates, and is full of calories, too – a double negative. Whilst you can enjoy it, limit your consumption.

You may think you’re tired because you’re on a diet. It may however be your food intake that isn’t helping – there’s a difference. Watching what and when you eat and drink, perhaps keeping a diary, will ensure that you’ll feel fuller, less likely to snack, and above all, full of life. That’s the lifestyle we all want.