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Are You A Victim Of Sleeplessness? Try These 6 Things To Wake Up Fresh Every Day



Are you a victim of sleeplessness? try these 6 things to wake up fresh every day

We all know how important a strong, full and healthy sleep is. Strengthening the metabolism in tissues, growth, and development of the organism: all this and much more is happening during your sleep. Therefore, our body is in constant need of full-fledged sleep. This statement is strongly supported by doctors, but you don’t need a medical degree to appreciate how much better you look and feel after a good night’s sleep.

Does this sound like you?

Acknowledging the importance of sleep, we try to respect all necessary bedtime rituals: we take a shower, air the bedroom, buy orthopedic mattresses to help our body relax. Seemingly, all requirements are met, and we should be asleep within minutes. If only everything were that easy.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia (also known as sleeplessness and sleep disorder) is a problem that almost all of us face sooner or later. Insomnia is a temporary or systematic violation of sleep, which is expressed in intermittent shallow sleep, premature awakening, complete lack of sleep, the inability to good sleep, and may also include difficulty in falling asleep, inadequate sleep duration or early awakening and subsequent inability to fall asleep again.

What causes it?

Insomnia can be caused by variable reasons: the unfriendly or even hostile situation while going to bed, such as noise, heat/cold; hardness or softness of a bed; drastic change of lifestyle; stress at home and work; a disease, causing pain syndrome; breathing difficulties or frequent urges to urinate. Other serious catalysts for insomnia are depression and anxiety. In the case of the latter, it is better to make an appointment with your doctor. Mental disorders are as serious as physical ones.

Relax your body and mind

While physically preparing to go to sleep, we often forget to do the same with the consciousness. Hygienic procedures for the body are the norm, but we very rarely think about purifying our mind. For sleep to give us strength and refresh our body, pure consciousness is much more important than a clean body.

Negative thoughts destroy your sleep

Speaking about the purification of human consciousness, I mean getting rid of all the negative emotions and experiences accumulated during a day. Each of us is daily confronted with the mass of different situations that leave a trail in our minds. And – unfortunately – they are not always pleasant. Sometimes we continue to experience the aftermath of a certain situation long after it is over. Negative thoughts and emotions invade us; we return to what we’ve been through again and again. And even once in a comfortable bed, we cannot relax and isolate ourselves from these haunting thoughts.

In such a state of mind, it would be silly to hope for sleep to bring a long-awaited refreshment of spiritual and physical strength.  Overnight, human consciousness continues to spin around negative emotions, destroying it and causing various sleep disorders and even nightmares. As a result, we wake up broken and weary in the morning; sleep doesn’t serve as a deliverance from fatigue, it only deepens our depressed state.

Way to fix it

How to wake up fresh and full of energy in the morning? The list of tips to help you improve your ability to sleep can be found below.

  1. After all the hygienic procedures, try cleansing your consciousness. Stop running negative thoughts and try to replace them with positive ones. Think of pleasantries that cause a rush of positive and exhilarating emotions.
  2. Make a new rule before going to sleep: disable any thoughtful processes. Tell yourself: “Today was a good day. I did everything I could. I will think about the rest tomorrow”. Of course, it will be difficult to stop racing thoughts at first. But you have to be able to do it to sleep well.
  3. If you have trouble falling asleep, or you are a victim of insomnia, you will need to change your sleeping habits. In this case, it is not helpful to think “I won’t sleep through the night” in advance. On the contrary, repeat to yourself: “I am very sleepy, I want to sleep.” This regular practice will allow you to get rid of sleep disorders. Your subconscious will replace the old assertion with the proposed installation. You can also repeat the phrase during the day: “There’s nothing that hurts my ability to fall asleep. Tonight I will sleep easily and effortlessly”. Changes won’t happen overnight, but improvements will become notable enough in the short time.
  4. Drinking coffee before going to bed (or in general) is not the best idea. Caffeine doesn’t leave our body for 12-24 hours. Remember that besides coffee itself, products such as chocolate, Coke, and tea also contain caffeine. Refrain from using any caffeine-containing product 12 hours before sleep.
  5. Don’t overeat just before you go to sleep. The unpleasant feeling of overcrowding in the stomach can interfere your ability to fall asleep. Try to stick to some light snacks.
  6. If all that’s mentioned above turned to be ineffective, sleeping pills might become a solution.


Thus, for sleep to become healthy, complete, and for it to restore the body and the soul, we need to understand how important it is to prepare our consciousness before bedtime. Take this matter seriously, and you’ll be positively struck by the feeling of extraordinary vitality and energy in the morning.



Image Credits: Flickr