7 Tried And Tested Ways To Boost The Chances Of Conception


Making the decision with your partner that you want to have a baby is a big step in the relationship. Naturally, once this decision has been made, and you start trying to conceive, you will both want the pregnancy to begin sooner rather than later. Yet, sometimes this doesn’t always happen and getting pregnant takes much longer than was originally thought. This can make trying to get pregnant an incredibly slow and emotionally stressful process for both partners, and can sometimes lead to giving up altogether.

The chances are that if getting pregnant seems to be taking too long, couples will start looking for ways to increase the chances of conceiving. Unfortunately there isn’t a magic pill that can solve the problem and instead there are a lot of useless old wives’ tales. This can lead to further frustration and hurt for couples trying to conceive and it can feel as if they can’t do anything to increase their chances of conception.

However, there are ways that couples can boost the chances of conception.This article has separated the fact from the fiction and will inform you of 7tried and tested ways that you can boost the chances of conception.

1. Put The Fact That You’re Trying To Conceive To The Back Of Your Mind
Doing this may sound incredibly difficult, but it is important to do if you wish to boost the chances of conception. This is because constantly thinking about the fact that you are trying to have a child causes unnecessary stress within the body. This in turn reduces the chances of conception drastically. Therefore try not to think about it all the time and instead try to make sex more enjoyable instead of making it seem like a chore.

2. Learn When You Are Ovulating

This may seem like a pretty obvious tip, but some couples don’t realize how important it is and how to put this knowledge to good use. A high number of couples wait until the day of ovulation before they have intercourse. However, research has shown that it is much more effective to err on the early side and have intercourse within the three days before ovulation.

3. Ditch The Coffee


Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine, which has been shown to reduce the chances of conceiving. Thus, if you want to boost the chances of conceiving you should ditch the coffee. You should note that if you’re a coffee lover you don’t have to give it up altogether but should limit yourself to one cup per day.

4. If You Smoke Then Stop

If you and/or your partner smoke there is no better motivation to give up smoking than to increase the chance of getting pregnant. Smoking greatly reduces the chances of conception because for women it affects how receptive the uterus is to the egg, and for men it reduces sperm production and can damage the DNA within it. Therefore if you wish to conceive and want to have a more fertile future you should stop smoking now.

5. Limit Movement After Sex

This tip does sound like an old wive’s tale but a lot of couples have testified to it working for them. The reasoning behind this working is that moving around after sex can cause the semen to leak out, meaning that it never reaches the fertile cervical mucous. Due to this it is recommended that after sexual intercourse you stay still and lie flat on your back for around 20-30 minutes.

6. Choose A Sex Position That Allows For Deep Penetration

This is a great tip because deep penetration means that more semen can travel further into the vagina without “dying off” – thus boosting the chances of conceiving. This isn’t to say that you should use the same position throughout intercourse. You can still mix things up, just ensure that ejaculation occurs in a position that allows for deep penetration.

7. Reduce Male Masurbation Prior To The Days You Will Try To Conceive
The reason that this works is because it will aid in increasing sperm count, and the higher the sperm count the more likely pregnancy will happen. So, once you have worked out when ovulation is occurring, and when the best time to have intercourse is, make sure that male masturbation is kept to a minimum – or even better ceases altogether.


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