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The Role Of Home Medical Equipment



Receiving home care can make your recovery much easier than it would otherwise be since you will have the freedom to live your life as you please. Those with chronic conditions should also look into home care, as it can help make your life easier around the house. Whether you need help getting from one room to another or you require help taking your medication, there is likely a solution available for you. Products like nebulizers and patient lifts can be delivered to your home very quickly and are often covered by health insurance. Speak with your doctor if you feel that some home medical equipment could improve your condition.

Enteral Nutrition

If your condition prevents you from eating, an enteral nutrition device might be your best option. This essentially involves putting a feeding tube into your body, so that you will receive the necessary nutrition as you heal. Where the tube is placed is dependent on your condition. Some people will opt for a nasogastric tube, which involves putting a tube through your nose that leads to the stomach. In other situations, a gastrostomy tube is placed directly into the stomach through your skin. A jejunostomy tube is also placed directly through the skin, but into the bowels.

Once the tube has been inserted into your body, you can return home and have to put a liquid food mixture into the tube. This mixture includes protein, fats, carbohydrates, along with the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. Much like nebulizers can help you get your medication when you cannot take it orally, a feeding tube helps you to receive the proper nutrition when you cannot eat.


Those who suffer from chronic back pain might want to consider a Vacupractor. This device works by decompressing your spine, which makes the surrounding muscles feel better. You do not have to wear the device all of the time, as about 15 minutes per day does the job. This is a new treatment for back pain and is considered an alternative to heading to the chiropractor.


Patients who have trouble walking, but are not ready for a wheelchair, can look into purchasing a walker. If you have chronic knee or back problems, a walker might be an easier way to take some of the pressure off your joints. These devices usually have wheels, so you can push them around your home while staying upright. They are made to support much of your weight as you walk and can help you avoid slips and falls.

Who Needs Home Medical Equipment?

In most cases, home medical equipment is used to make you feel more comfortable if you have recently had a procedure done or you suffer from a chronic ailment. These devices can help you to move around your home at a comfortable pace and can take the pressure away from your ailing joints. In other cases, home medical equipment can keep you alive, especially if a recent procedure has made it impossible for you to eat on your own. Products, such as nebulizers, also make it easier for you to take the medication needed for recovery. If you plan to receive treatment at home, make sure that you have the necessary equipment.