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Keeping Fit at Work: The Tips You Need to Stay Healthy and Productive



Keeping fit at work: the tips you need to stay healthy and productive

If there’s one thing’s that’s for sure, it’s that we can never really separate ourselves from work. After all, we all need to earn a living. We have bills to pay and food to buy. Still, we have come to the point at which people are toiling themselves into complete exhaustion, as if a day’s pay can totally compensate for frequent visits to the chiropractor.

You should be worried about more than spine injuries. There are even bigger implications to consider when you’re working a 9 to 5 shift, at a desk, where the atmosphere around you is close to being unbreathable.

Alienation, stress and exhaustion can wear you down in many ways that are hidden until later. This is the reason why a lot of people go online to read wellness news. They want to learn about long-term spine health and approaches to leading a healthier lifestyle that still allow them to be proactive at work.

Finding the right balance is possible when you apply the right approaches and methods. Here are a few things you might want to consider to pursue a healthier lifestyle at work.

  1. Do early morning stretches

In Japan, people from office workers to highschool students undergo what is known as the Radio Taiso – an early morning exercise routine that has become an important part of the culture there. The stretches forming the Radio Taiso are designed to boost immunity and reduce the likelihood of stress arising from extended hours of sitting down.

The exercises are very easy to execute, and can be found at Youtube, and likely even at your local library. Do them well and you can protect yourself from fatigue and other common workplace conditions.

  1. Swap chocolates with healthier snacks

If you’re hard-pressed to meet a deadline, chances are, you will be tempted to munch on your favorite sugary treats. After all, candy bars and the like are a great pick-me-up. However, the temporary sugar rush you get doesn’t hide the fact that unbridled consumption of sugar can be detrimental to your health.

You might as well swap chocolates with healthier snacks to munch on. Sure enough, you can always bring along slices of your favorite fruit. Apples, though lacking the caffeine content, are a great way to wake you up during sleepy afternoons. You can also munch on celery sticks, which pack enough Vitamin C to help fight off the flu.

  1. Hydrate often

You can get so caught up by work that you often forget to quench your thirst. Dehydration is a bad thing. You need water in order to maintain your metabolism, and to keep your energy levels throughout the day. You’ll nearly always feel fatigue as a result of staving off from water.

it’s important to keep yourself hydrated once in a while. And although you might feel like reaching out for a cup of coffee, it’s still best to drink plain and pure water. For good measure, you can bring a jug or tumbler of lemon water.

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Simply add three to four slices of fresh lemon to your drink. Not only is it a refreshing thirst quencher, but lemon water is also great for providing the vitamins you need to survive the day.

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