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Mattress Types To Ward Off Chronic Back Pain



Mattress types to ward off chronic back pain

The mattress industry has rapidly evolved in the last few years, coupled with manufactures taking the help of the internet to reach a wider audience base. This has substantially brought down the price of our sleep time buddies following the removal of middlemen premiums. The variety of mattresses are available in the market have also increased rhetorically making it cumbersome for laymen to understand which one shall serve them best.

After all, a regular customer can hardly differentiate between a simple 3-layer mattress and the one having an extra gel inch on the top. Keeping such things in mind, we have collated a list which is guaranteed to make your process of mattress buying an easy and hassle-free affair. We sincerely hope that you will be well-braced to take a properly informed decision for alleviating those back issues after going through our list.

  • Memory foam is definitely the best option for addressing back problems in people. Opt for a 5 PCF memory foam mattress, for example – any Aireloom mattress, to provide optimal support and spinal alignment. Medium density ones having 4 PCF offer relatively less contouring whereas the low-density ones having 2 to 3 PCF are not as effective as the ones mentioned earlier. Most of the modern-day mattresses come infused with various features which enhance its responsiveness and coolness to the ultimate extent. This visco-elastic mattress brings along viscous traits allowing our body to contour in sync with changes in pressure and temperature. The memory foam mattresses are highly elastic thus returning to its original stature on removal of pressure. Thus, rather than forcing our body to adjust, the viscosity of the foam contours to our natural body posture hence releasing tension and relaxing our body.
  • Natural latex mattresses are also highly recommended by physicians for alleviating chronic back pain. It is cooler and more responsive compared to memory foam, but does not rank equally high in the contouring department. About 33% people suffering from back issues have agreed to the fact that latex mattresses have brought along pressure relief. Its spongy texture pushes into our body for maximizing the health benefits but can prove to be a bit hefty on our wallets.

Back pain serves as one of the biggest reasons behind loss of mobility in middle aged people. Such discomfort can make it cumbersome to maintain strength, body balance, stamina and weight with growing age.  Thus, it is imperative to treat and manage back pain for leading an active and healthy life.

Back pain can be managed by choosing the perfect mattress which has a big role to play in determining how we sleep at night and perform the next day. Doctors used to previously recommend firm mattresses. Recent surveys have, however revealed that, sleep quality gets dampened when people suffering from lower back pain slept on the same.

Soft mattresses on the other hand corresponds to the natural curves of our body, thus propelling favorable join alignment, but can twist our joints when we sink in deeply at night. You can also visit a physical mattress showroom and examine the various models available therein.

But remember that something which could have felt extremely comfortable upon a few minutes of trial in the showroom might not actually make the transition to a good night’s sleep. Aireloom mattresses are also gaining immense popularity in the market courtesy the thoroughbred comfort, firmness and support which it brings along.

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