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5 Most Common Areas on the Body to Get Laser Hair Removal Treatment



It’s no secret that laser hair removal has been steadily growing in popularity over the years.  This technique can reduce hair growth in the treated area as much as seventy to ninety percent.  Patients that do experience re-growth in the treated area usually find the hair to be lighter and more delicate in texture and, therefore, less noticeable.   The results are not immediate.  Typically, it takes at least five treatments to get the results you are looking for.  However, for most men and women, the results are well worth the wait.  Laser hair removal treatment can not only enhance a person’s looks, but it can also be useful for hygiene.

With laser hair removal growing in popularity and credibility, more people are becoming inclined to take the plunge.   So, the big question is: where are the most popular areas to have this procedure done?

  1. Face:  Hair removal treatment on the face is prevalent among both men and women. Women who grow unwanted hair on the upper lip or the chin prefer this treatment because of its ease and relative permanence.  Men will often choose laser hair removal because they are tired of razor burn on the face or because they want to remove hair from inside the ears.
  2. Chest: The chest is a favorite among many men who desire a smooth, hairless chest.  Waxing can be very painful, and in some extreme cases, it can even leave scars.  Laser hair removal, however, provides a smooth chest without the complications.
  3. Back: Back hair is another area common for treatment among both men and women.  Back hair tends to grow back quickly and can require a great deal of attention.  Waxing back hair on one’s own would be nearly impossible, and regularly paying for waxing at a salon could end up being very costly.
  4. Underarms: The underarms are another popular area for hair removal.  Hair under the arm can cause undesirable issues, such as excessive sweat and body odor.  Laser hair removal can significantly reduce these issues and, as a result, give the patient more confidence.  Treating underarms is also popular among women who are simply tired of shaving regularly.
  5. Bikini/Legs:  The bikini area is a trendy treatment area among women who are embarrassed by razor burn and stray hairs that can peek out while wearing a swimsuit.  Additionally, many women seek treatment on their legs to eliminate the need for shaving regularly.