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Basic Tips For First Time Waxing



Sometimes, we need help to look our best. Imagine that you are a fourteen-year-old girl, learning the tricks and trades of how to fit in well with her new high school friends. You might be on a journey of learning to apply makeup, encountering the pleasures of waxing, or discovering that the sweater Granny made you is really not that “cute”. The transition into the high school years from the preteen madness of middle school is a big shift for everyone, whether male or female.

While learning the in’s and out’s and how-to’s, it is possible to hit a brick wall. Even though Dad might prefer that you keep the all-natural look, your friends at school will most assuredly have something different to say. After all, you may be attached to that unibrow, but some things are meant to go. Here are some tips for beauty at its best to help you avoid being the girl known for the unibrow or hairy legs.

DIY Waxing vs. Professional Waxing

When considering waxing, one big question always rolls around. “Should I do it myself, or go see a professional?” Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, but there are pros and cons to both scenarios. To do it all at home, several tools are needed. These supplies include a pre-wax cleanser, a waxing machine, hot wax, wooden sticks, wax remover, and after-wax lotion. Although waxing at home is the thriftier route, it is more time-consuming and contains a lifetime supply of DIY risks.

Excellence in waxing comes purely with time and commitment; no one can expect to be a professional after her first attempt. Because waxing precision is a developed skill, DIY eyebrow waxing is not highly recommended. It only takes one wrong move to be missing half an eyebrow for a month or two. However, arm and leg waxing can be easily done at home without the possibility of ruining your social standing. The decision between DIY waxing and seeing a professional can be made based on time availability, the type of waxing needed, and the money available to spend on the procedure.

Tips for Using a Professional

When going to a professional waxing salon, there are certain criteria that still need to be met. It is best to choose a salon based off of positive word of mouth reviews. Before making the final decision to get waxed, one should investigate a few claims. The waxing area should appear clean from any prior activities, the waxing technician should wear a fresh pair of gloves, and a new stick should be used every time the person dips into the wax.

If any of these requirements are not met, health and sanitary violations are being made, and you should re-evaluate. Additionally, it is wise to investigate the type of wax being used. For more sensitive skin types, cream wax is most suitable. However, honey wax is much more practical for normal skin types and coarse hair. In order to avoid a bad reaction, it is important to test the wax on a small piece of skin beforehand. Post-waxing redness and sensitivity is not a sign of a reaction, but should fade within a few hours.

Overall, waxing can be bliss if the right tools are in hand, sanitation requirements are met, and proper awareness is kept.