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How to Avoid Bad Breath



Do you have bad breath or are you worried that your breath smells more than other peoples? You are not the only one, over 40 million Americans suffer from chronic bad breath, often called Halitosis, Bad breathe can ruin your day and turn any good date into a bad date or any good workday into a bad workday. If you suffer from bad breath there are immediate things you can do to feel better and freshen your breath now.

No longer do you have to be self-conscious or embarrassed. You can have fresh breath with these tips.

Brush more often

Brush your teeth once or twice a day is a great healthy habit but people who suffer from bad breath are encouraged to floss even more after every meal and every snack. This will help remove unwanted food particles and the build-up of bacteria in your mouth.

Food is often left in between the tooth cracks and it can cause a problem when it’s not brushed away. Problems such as cavities or toothaches can occur. Make sure you don’t brush to aggressively or overdo it.

Avoid specific foods that cause bad breath

Avoid specific foods that cause bad breath such as garlic or certain types of cheeses and marinara sauce. Unfortunately brushing after you eat these types of foods doesn’t really help and you will still have bad breath.

But the thing to do is to avoid them or eat smaller portions of the foods such as garlic or onions.

Rinse out our mouth often

It’s important to rinse out your mouth after every meal because you can feel fresher in the mouth. Rinsing your mouth removes unwanted food particles that build up in between your teeth. The untouched food particles can cause bacteria build-up leading to more infections in the mouth.

Reach for Sugar-free gum

Mints have a lot of sugar in them, instead of after dinner reach for the sugar-free gum. Yes, sugar is in candy and most mints, which can actually promote the growth of bacteria and spread inside of your mouth but the important thing to realize is this increases bad breath problems.

Dentists often say chewing sugar-free gum is a much better solution.

Chewing on gum between meals can help freshen your breath and make you feel cleaner. It washes away food particles and helps increase the mouths salvia flow both which can reduce bad breath.