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Facials: Things To Consider For All Skin Types



The only thing that is better than looking great is feeling even better and for a lot of us both of these goals are easily achievable with a facial. There are all sorts of amazing treatments, therapies, and beauty regimes that ensure we look great and also feel amazing, but the facial remains the most common.

Even though this is true, knowing which facial to choose does take a little research and forethought. There can be a lot of noise and jargon when ordering, so here are the basics in a nutshell and what you really need to consider when choosing a facial.


Traditionally, a facial involves cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, and mask and then is followed up with a moisturizing treatment. This sort of facial is ideal for those with normal to slightly dry skin. Of course, the most noted part of this treatment is the extraction. The extraction is meant to pinch, but if it hurts too much then it may cause issues with the capillaries, so ask for the treatment to stop.

If you have acne or rosacea then you should ask for a warm cloth instead of steam to prevent any problems.


Those with acne should be aware that a lot of the lotions and creams that are used in the traditional facial may not be suitable for them. People that are prone to outbreaks should be more inclined to choose a clarifying treatment. These are more suited to acne-prone skin and these treatments usually include the use of a clay mask and cleanser with salicylic acid. Scrubs should never be used on this sort of skin as it can cause marking and other issues.

One of the great things about facials is that like massage, they are available in all sorts of places. From hotels and traditional spas to offices and even the emergence of the pop-up spa, these treatments are so well renowned and loved they’re widely obtainable.

Glowing Skin

If you are becoming more prone to fine lines, then a facial with a little exfoliation can be a good thing. Enzyme and lactic peels can be of benefit here and rid your skin of the dead layers that make pores look larger than they are. Microdermabrasion can be quite harsh and often gentler peels are more suited. Those will dull skin should perhaps consider a mild peel that works in conjunction with vitamin C or kojic acid, as both these materials brighten skin.


There are all sorts of treatments out there that are quite gimmicky and that have no real basis. Treatments that include gold or caviar are seldom of any real use and there is little merit to their use aside from the thrill – so, it’s best to avoid paying extra for them.

Facials are a great treat and are something that can really benefit not only your skin but also your sense of wellbeing and make you feel great.