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Busy Times Ahead – Thank Goodness for my Bed



Busy times ahead – thank goodness for my bed

Summer has arrived, bringing with it some distinctly un-summer weather.  Yet this gives you the perfect opportunity to get things done.  I’m sure six and a bit months ago you made a careless New Year’s resolution, well why not try to fulfill it?  Right bang in the middle of the year, now is the best time to knuckle down and get on with it, whatever it is.  For a lot of Britons, that New Year resolved to get fit and healthy: one way or another.  So what steps do you need to take, and what benefits will you see.

It’s Always the Booze and Fags

Which get healthy programs don’t start with those old chestnuts alcohol and cigarettes?  There’s a good reason that they’re top of the list: they’re terrible for you.  Cutting back is, therefore, a great start on the road to a healthier body and one that doesn’t require you to lift a finger (actually, you’re raising a lot less now you don’t have to pick up that pint glass so often).

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Smoking can dramatically reduce your aerobic fitness levels by filling up your lungs with tar.  This reduces your stamina, meaning that you can’t run so far, play football for so long or hold your breath underwater.

Couple this with a high intake of alcohol – especially beer – and the calorie content will also reduce your fitness, limiting you further.  By cutting out the cigarettes, you not only reduce your chance of health problems, but you improve your stamina while cutting back on the drink will help you to lose weight as well.  Don’t cut all the way back, though.  A glass of red wine a day can help fight against cholesterol and improve blood flow.

Save a Little Bit

If it wasn’t enough to save on all that booze and fags, saving elsewhere can help you get healthier too.  Instead of driving or getting the bus to work, how about cycling?  Riding a bike is a great way to get fit as you can set your own pace while putting very little strain on your joints.  As a low impact sport, cycling improves your cardio while toning your muscles, especially your bum and thighs.  Saving that little bit of petrol every day can also leave you a bit more to spend on some healthy treats come dinner time.

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Variety is the spice of life, so why not try a wide range of different meals for dinner.  Buy fresh produce and create meals from all over the world: not only are you expanding your palate, but your repertoire in the kitchen will impress your friends.  Healthy fish and vegetables will help you stay in shape and go well in the summertime.  Don’t pay attention to those masses of diet plans out there – you don’t need to stick to one food group or healthy superfoods rigidly.  No, instead, top quality local produce will help you stay healthy more than anything, and as a bonus, it’ll taste better too.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most important things you need to remain healthy is a good night’s sleep.  The body needs to get its fill of rest time, which brings us onto that formerly taboo subject: snoring.

Awareness is high nowadays, bringing with it a lot of cures and aids to stop snoring.  If you are a snorer, then by following this new, healthy regime, you may have already noticed a difference.  Healthy living plays a big part in your snoring habits.

If you still can’t stop snoring, however, you should try some NHS approved methods: that good night’s sleep is incredibly vital to your wellbeing.