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Slim Down with These Foods



What you choose to eat can make a powerful difference in how you feel. Throughout the day there are certain foods that you need to help you feel healthy and slim. These foods are recommended by doctors for weight loss and a healthy smile.

Citrus Fruit

Enjoy a big bowl of grapefruit or oranges, it is one of the easiest ways to curb your appetite and slim-down. Citrus is loaded with enzymes and healthy carbohydrates that will help you feel full much longer.

There’s a compound in fruit that is easy to digest. When you add more grapefruit to your diet, you often feel better. We suggest adding more fruit into your regular routine to rev up your metabolism. Therefore increasing your fat-burning mechanism.

Green Vegetables

Cucumbers, green apples, and kale are all great sources of healthy vegetables. Cucumbers are loaded with water, in fact, over 95% of cucumbers are water-based, this makes for an extremely low-calorie snack. It can help flesh out your entire system. Cucumbers are easy to digest and leafy green vegetables can help wash away food particles and contribute to an overall healthy smile

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are making their way into health food stores across the nation. They are loaded with feel-good powerhouse enzymes. When you mix Chia with liquid they become like a puffing pudding. This is a very good texture for when you’re craving something like a desert. Instead of diving into the ice cream, simply eat a healthy Chia ball and Chia pudding.


Fruits like kiwi or papaya that are naturally grown in tropical locations, can be very tasty and good because they have vitamin C in them. As always, eating foods that are slimming for your body can help you feel better. Because it improves your digestive system papaya is also good for you because it is high in vitamins and minerals

The food you eat will make a difference in how you feel in your body and how you connect with others choosing foods that help you feel slim and improve your health including your smile will definitely make you smile more