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Top 3 Weight Loss Foods From Costa Rica



Costa Rica is a country very much into organic farming and using the most of what it has without harming the environment. It’s led to a variety of delicacies that can work with any healthy weight loss program. It’s important to freshen up your diet with foods from exotic countries like this because it can easily get boring and you lose motivation.

Short of actually going to some distant Costa Rican organic farm and having someone make these delights, you may not get to experience the traditional recipes. Here are three healthy Costa Rican foods you can incorporate into your weight loss diet at home.


Before delving into these recipes, you have to understand the sort of foods used. Since Costa Rica is very much an offspring of old Spain, you can expect an emphasis on spice and heavy flavor. Some of these foods you’ve probably never heard of before.

Firstly, there’s the pejibaye. Also known as the peach palm, this is one of the country’s biggest exports. It tastes very much like a boiled peanut with a different texture and a slightly milder flavor. In the country, roadside stalls sell these to passing travelers.

Chayote is the other main ingredient. This white or green squash vegetable usually finds its place in a side dish, or picadillo as they call it. Be careful when preparing these because it has a small film very much like glue. It will stick to your hand and it won’t come off. Try using a towel or gloves during preparation.

1. Peach Palm Soup

Those interested in sustainable living nearly always taste peach palm soup. It’s a family favorite and uses yellow onions, bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, and chicken broth. Since you’re on a healthy diet, avoid using the butter. It tastes just as nice without the butter. The butter tends to flesh it out and make it thicker, but the taste and flavor comes from the herbs.

2. Gallo Pinto Empanadas

The empanada is essentially a casing with lots of vegetables and rice inside. Use healthy brown rice for this and wholemeal wraps as opposed to the traditional dough. Add some black beans, chayotes, yellow onion, and garlic cloves. You can also add bell pepper to add some spice. Again, avoid using the butter to keep your cholesterol and fat intake down.

They’re generally small snacks used to tie you over for the rest of the day. Make a batch of these and store them for the next day or two. It’s a healthy snack to stop you from reaching for the chocolate.

3. Barbudos

Barbudos, or egg fried green beans, is something you need to use as a treat during your weight loss program. Go to any Costa Rica eco-lodge and you’ll often find these being served. The grounds in these lodges often make many of these ingredients themselves to promote sustainable living.

Take around 30 green beans with the ends trimmed and add two eggs plus ground cayenne pepper. You can also add some salt to taste. To make this healthier, avoid using olive oil during the frying process.

As already mentioned, make sure you keep this as your exotic treat of the week as it can put on extra calories if you don’t exercise control.