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How To Burn Extra Calories While Cleaning



The top 5 benefits of losing weight

A lot of people I know spend money on losing weight- they enroll in a fitness program, get some gym classes, even join sports with the end goal of reducing unwanted fat in the body. However, if you hardly have time to engage in physical fitness activities and if you just don’t have enough budget for an exercise program, why not find other options?

A sure way to reduce fat is to keep your body moving. And what better way to move than to run some house chores? Be it washing the dishes, cooking, cleaning, even doing the laundry can all help you burn some fat, in one way or another.

To help guide you, here are some tips on how to burn extra calories while cleaning:

1. Clean the bath. The bathroom requires a lot of time and effort to get cleaned. So when you clean the bathroom, take note that you also lose excess calories. The secret is to perform the activity properly. Get into a squatting position, hold it, and try to scrub the bathtub and floor. Doing that would be more effective in burning calories. If ever you have a box of rags handy, be sure to use them!

2. Do the laundry- with extra effort. Instead of using the washing machine, why not try hand washing? Hand washing can help you lose more extra calories. You can save heavier loads such as linens and curtains for the washing machine but the other ones can be done by yourself. When you hang your clothes after washing them, make it a habit too to pump your arms so that you can exercise at the same time.

3. Vacuuming with effort. Instead of a simple vacuum activity, you can do some exercise movements while vacuuming the carpet at home. Pump your arms and clean every portion of the carpet, floor, or room thoroughly so that you won’t miss any dust or dirt. Vacuuming can help you lose as much as 80 calories for a session of twenty minutes.

4. Try some heavy cleaning. You can also do some heavy cleaning at home during weekends. You can mop the floor with detergent and water or a special cleaning solution and burn as much as 73 calories. Or you can also do some sweeping and scrubbing and burn as much as 100 calories for a twenty-minute cleaning session.

Who says working out is the only sure way to lose weight? By doing household work you too can stay fit and healthy minus the extra cost.