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Benefits of Clean Water in Human Body



The human body contains about 50% water. Women, men, and newborns have slightly different percentages; however, it is somewhere around a half. Water is crucial for humans and there are many reasons for it. To start with:

  • 90% of our brain contains water,
  • 83% of our blood contains water;
  • water regulates temperature in our body,
  • water transports nutrition and oxygen in our cells
  • water detoxifies when we require
  • 22% of a bone consists of water
  • Water protects and moisturizes our joints
  • 75% of muscle consists of water
  • water assists our metabolism
  • water protects our internal organs

Clearly, water is one of the most important elements ensuring humans’ survival. However we do not just need enough water to maintain our living but we also need good quality freshwater to treat headaches, look younger, be more productive, have more energy to exercise, assist our digestions and help constipation, avoid cramps and sprains, to fight fatigue, improve mood, reduce the risk of cancer and enhance the overall immune system level. Saltwater or chemically infused water will probably keep us alive for some time but will not ensure our wellbeing.

Clean water often means safe water. You do not want to make harder by over drinking water or consume dirty or unsafe water. Water with no offensive odor or color and disease-causing pathogens is safe water.

Nowadays with numerous filtering systems, each individual can ensure his or her safety of water if they are not a hundred percent central filtering system is safe enough.
Clean water is especially important if you have newborns in your house. They are sensitive to any disease. It is childhood where most healthy habits (as well as unhealthy) start their adventure from. Water is a common beneficial factor determining the quality of life and possibilities of the future. Our life truly depends on the water we drink! We are not only what we eat but what we drink!

Some specialists say we must drink purified water only because that way we minimize the effect of carbon filtered, alkaline and other often bottle water chemicals.

Many water bottling companies usually clean water using a triple purification system: carbon filtration (removes chlorine, chemicals, and larger particulates), ozonation (eradicates microbes), and reverse osmosis (removes heavy metals, aluminum, nuclear waste.) which you can purchase in big bottles and consume at home instead of rain or tap water. Rainwater is not nutrition-less water; it is in fact the largest distillation process on Earth and the majority of third-world countries still use rainwater as their main water resources.

Do not underestimate the importance of one of the most crucial elements of your survival.