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How to Avoid Injuring Yourself When Moving House



Injuring yourself when you’re moving house can happen in numerous ways; some injuries can be severe, and others can be minimal accidents. There are ways you can avoid some injuries when you are moving, which will make your move a safer experience.

Joint injuries, accidents and how to avoid them

One of the most common injuries that can happen when you are moving house can occur during the packing process of your belongings. Packing heavy items of furniture incorrectly can cause back injuries. If you are unsure about how to pack more massive objects, consult your removal service as they will be able to move these items for you professionally. If you are using numerous moving boxes, be careful when you are lifting these boxes, you should have these boxes professionally moved, if they are particularly heavy, to avoid injuring yourself.

Do not leave any moving boxes randomly around your home, tripping over these boxes can be avoided by storing them away safely until your move out date.

Electrical items can also be dangerous. Make sure you unplug any electrical thing before you attempt to move it and always ensure that the device is kept away from water. You can do this by placing it into a box or wrapping it in plastic. Many people overlook this and are not aware that once the electrical item is plugged in again, serious injuries could be caused.

Other mishaps

Another way you can avoid injuring yourself when you are moving house is by sealing all of your removal boxes using a reliable adhesive or string. Boxes that are not closed correctly can be unsafe when they are moved. Removing lighting fixtures is another common way that people can injure themselves during the packing process. If you need to use a ladder to reach any light fixture, make sure that the ladder is secure and that it can support your body weight; otherwise, it will collapse, which could cause you serious injury.

After you have packed away your belongings, you will begin cleaning your home, making it suitable for its new occupants. As a courtesy gesture, you will want to make sure that the floors of your current home are clean. Avoid slipping on the floors you are mopping by ensuring that they are dried once you have finished.

These tips are just some of the precautionary measures that you can take to avoid injuring yourself when you are moving house. Many injuries can be avoided by taking care when you are packing or cleaning. Most injuries happen during these tasks. It is essential to follow these tips when you move into a new house because you will be able to reduce the risk of injuring yourself.