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Fun Ways To Lose Weight And Burn Calories



If you’re one of those who believe exercising and burning calories can only be done through laborious tasks, then it’s time for you to rethink your whole understanding of the physical activity. From dance classes to exhilarating experiences and sports, here are a few fun ways to lose weight and burn calories.


Now, the first thing that must be mentioned about spinning is that as fun as it can be, it is still an extensive physical exercise. A spinning session is done in a fitness studio, amidst an energized atmosphere, created by various music and light settings.

Seated on an exercise bike, you will be guided through workout phases, from warm-ups to sprints, climbs, and cool-downs, by instructors. All the while, you will have the ability to control the resistance on your bike. Instructions will be shouted at you, mimicking real-life cycling situations – such as “big hill coming!” – and your job will be to react to those obstacles as you would in real life.

Despite definitely being an extensive physical exercise session, a spinning class uses mental hypnosis techniques to drag you away from your reality and make you feel as if you are in a different world. This not only increases your willpower and the level of energy you exert but by pulling you away from reality, it gives you a welcome break from the familiarity of the everyday world. This is precisely why spinning is such fun and enjoyed by so many.


If a rather artificial approach to cycling isn’t for you, a better alternative might be found in the real thing. Cycling can of course be done in groups or by yourself if you feel like you could do with some alone time.

One great benefit of cycling is that you get to explore your local area, which you will naturally come to appreciate more through cycling.

Exercising outdoors can be more enjoyable than doing so indoors, and also mentally healthier – particularly if done through parks and settings containing lots of greenery.


There are few dance fitness programs more enjoyable than Zumba. A mixture of samba, belly dancing, martial arts, hip-hop, merengue, and a range of other dancing styles, Zumba is not only fantastic fun but also great physical and mental exercise. Easy to learn, but also unpredictable and exhilarating due to the variation of styles incorporated into its choreography, Zumba doesn’t even feel like exercise at times – it often just feels like dancing and a good time.

There are various Zumba classes throughout the country and websites and are great for finding suitable clothing and dancewear.  Zumba classes can also be found in a number of gyms throughout the country, and so if you’re signed up to a gym, it might be worth enquiring whether they have any classes running.


Pilates is an exercise system, focusing on strengthening and stretching the whole body.

The enjoyment one gets from pilates isn’t quite through it being fun – in fact, pilates is far from fun. Rather, it is down to the loosening up of the muscles and joints that pilates achieves, leaving you feeling relaxed and unwound. In addition to developing strong abs and a strong core, Pilates can help improve posture, core strength, muscle tone, and flexibility and relieve tension and stress.

The relief of tension and stress can bring about a high that puts you in a state of comfort and happiness, making pilates well worth your time and effort.

Continuous pilates practice will significantly help improve your posture, balance, muscle tension, abs strength, and core strength. Furthermore, it can help cure neck and back pains and act as protection against such problems developing again.