7 Advantages of Pilates Exercise

Pilates is an exercise that has increased in popularity over the years due to the numerous health benefits and advantages to the user. This physical fitness system was developed during the 20th century and began to increase in popularity during the early 2000’s. Pilates uses the basis of intelligent movement in order to provide the user with numerous benefits both mentally as well as physically. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at 7 of the advantages of doing the Pilates Exercise.

#1-2: Builds Strength without bulking up the physical appearance

One of the advantages of the London Pilates exercise is the fact that is allows the participant to build strength without bulking up their physical appearance. This has been especially helpful for women who would like to increase their strength without having the appearance of a female body builder. The benefit to her being able to remain feminine in appearance, yet at the same time she is able to increase her overall strength, endurance and fitness level. For men being able to increase their flexibility while building and solid muscle structure is a benefit that most find appealing.

#3-4: Creates flat abs and builds a stronger back

One of the most common compliments that those who practice Pilates talk about are the fact that they are able to create flat abs and build a stronger back at the same time. Most of the exercises today do not take into account the necessity for developing a strong back and as a result many people that actively work out experience unnecessary injuries. When a person starts with Pilates for the first time they are carefully trained in the proper form and procedure to not only prevent injury but to also build strength in the back muscles. This form of exercise also does wonders for the abdominal area and both men and women find that they appreciate the flat abs they develop through the course of this workout regime.

#5-6: Improved Posture Assessment and Mind Control

When you initially begin this work out regime you will be shown the correct posture for each position you attempt. You will also be provided with a posture assessment and as you develop this skill you will notice an increase in your own internal posture assessment as you learn how to listen to your body. At the same time you will be better equipped to handle the mental challenges of not just the routine but also in other situations outside of the workout. Your improved mind control will in effect be your ability to focus your thoughts and your energy into positive channels.

#7:  Decrease stress

London Pilates offers you the opportunity to experience a stronger more agile physical body. It offers you flatter abs and stronger muscles. It also helps you to decrease your stress. Stress is the most common cause of physical ailments and being able to find the balance in your life can assist you in relieving your stress symptoms while improving your overall health.

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This guest article is written by Susan Scott for London Pilates – Ivana Daniell who is a veteran writer who loves writing on health and fitness niche.

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