8 Fast Stress Relief Tactics

Feeling stressed out is not uncommon especially in today’s society where change and uncertainty is perhaps the most predictable thing. If you are one of those feeling stressed when it comes to handling family and job responsibilities, you should find you ways and means to address them.

There are quite a  few ways to reduce stress by doing some simple things. We could begin with changing the DVD that we are seeing and have it replaced with a comedy. We could think of inviting friends over for a good laugh. Exercising works well because it increases oxygen supplies to various organs of the body which in turn helps beat stress. Here a few more tips which could help in relieving stress:

1. Pet Your Dog

There is no doubt that your pet dog is a great symbol of unconditional love but he could also be very good for your health. When you spend some time with your pet dog and you are close to him you are helping your body to release good hormones like prolcatin, serotonin and oxytocin. It also helps reduce the release of stress causing hormones. This certainly would go a long way in decreasing blood pressure, reducing anxiety and also increasing immunity levels.

2. Clean the Clutter

Cluttering of the living room or your home could cause stress levels to increase. Having things in the right place helps a lot and searching for them here and there certainly does play a role in stressing a person. Always make it a point to de-clutter your home and thereby de-stress yourself. You could start with your drawer, tabletop or the shelves. A place that is uncluttered and neat helps bring in a positive mood which goes a long way in reducing stress levels. In fact not many of us would be aware that spring cleaning is also a good exercise helping us to lose more than 250 calories each hour.

3. Mow the Lawn

Many people consider cutting the lawn to be hard work, but when you are into it you realize how good it can be. The smell of mown grass that is still fresh will certainly help your to feel very relaxed. In fact scientists go a step further and say that the smell of fresh grass helps in blocking certain stress causing hormones in the brain. However, the sound of the mower can be irritating and you should have an ear plug to cut out this noise.

4. Drink Orange Juice

Taking some orange juice can certainly be very helpful. This is because according to researchers Vitamin C that is abundantly found in orange certainly can help people to manage their stress levels better. In fact it may also help lower the stress causing hormones like Cortisol. Further foods that are rich in Vitamin C such as orange, grapefruit, sweet red peppers and strawberries can also help improve your immune system.

5. Sing a Song

Turning up you radio or stereo system and listening to some favorite song could help a lot. You would do better to try your hand at singing. It is not necessary for you to be a Michael Jackson or Elton John. People who are a part of some singing choir were always found to be in a positive mood when compared to other. Singing also helps to improve your breathing and posture.

6. Go for a Walk

Exercising is without doubt a big way to de-stress. Exercise helps the body to release endorphins which is nothing but neurotransmitters in the brain. This substance helps you to feel good and positive. It also helps to be more focused on the activity you are doing instead of making you stressed and anxious. Any warm and sunny day should not be wasted sitting in your home but should be better used by going for some easy and pleasant exercises. Walking briskly for 30 minutes each day certainly can help in lowering your stress levels.

7. Chew Some Gum

Gum chewing could do much more than making your breath. Research has shown that when you chew a stick of gum, it has a big role in reducing stress and anxiety. It also improves mental performance when you are on some tasks. Apart from reducing stress, chewing gum can also help prevent depression. It also is known to play a role in reducing blood pressure levels and also in bringing down cholesterol levels.

8. Take a Deep Breath

Aromatherapy is not something just for spas alone. Taking a deep breath, wherever you are, can help to relax your mind and nerves. It certainly helps the levels of cortisol which increases stress.


Hence there is no doubt that following some easy and simple technique can certainly go a long way in reducing stress amongst people.

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