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Spring Cleaning for Your Health



It is almost spring. Which means it is time for deep cleaning. This spring, pay attention to your habits, and cleaning your home may not be the best thing for a brighter mode. Instead of only focusing on your home, take a look at your entire lifestyle and clean your mind, body, and home.

Clean the Closet

The home is the first place to do spring-cleaning. Clean out the clutter and your entire mood will feel better, just by clearing space. A good idea for home cleaning is to start with your dirtiest spot. The closet, the bathroom, or the office is usually a good place to start. Declutter the closet by trying on clothes and removing what no longer serves you. Donate your clothes to a charity.

You will feel better when you clear space physically. The clothes you have that you no longer wear will build up and cause more tension. Because when you start your day and end it in your closet it can set the tone for your entire day. If your closet is overflowing with clothes and fabric that you no longer wear, it will cause stress.

Clean your body

Your body could probably use a good detox as well. Look at your habits and see where you can cut out tension and fatty foods. Sugar filled foods; processed foods and drinks can actually hurt your health. Take care of your body, which means staying up to date on regular check-ups. Visiting your doctor an dentist. Don’t allow time to go by where you skip appointments. If you miss a dentist appointment you could get cavities or toothaches. But if you use the spring-time to clean your teeth you will stay fresh and cavity-free,


The spring-time is a good time to look at your health as well. And if you do eat a lot of sugar and fat foods, you want to consider a detox. Detoxifying your body can help you have more mental clarity, focus, and dedication.

You will feel more energy as well. A detox process can range from liquid diets to fruits and vegetable diets. The more you remove from your diet the better you could do. A daily cleanses, a week-long or even a month can help you feel better. Whatever style of detox you choose make sure you listen to your body. If it needs more protein or carbohydrates then give your body permission to eat smart. Detoxing your body can help your mind too. It will also help improve your oral health