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Best Fat Foods For Your Health



There are a lot of myths about what is good and healthy for you. All the hype around certain foods you should eat, and other foods to stay away from. You may be wondering what type of food is best if you’re on a diet.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the health industry is that fat will make you fat. it’s just not true in fact the majority of foods that are labeled low-fat or fat-free are actually worse for you because they have refined processed foods which has a lot more sugar.

The human body needs to function properly and it needs to get vitamins such as a D and E and all of those are fat-soluble which means that your body will absorb them much faster.

Here are the types of good fats that you should add to your diet


Nuts are very good for you because they’re loaded with heart-healthy omega-3. Omega-3 has many health benefits that can help prevent diseases. One of the main benefits of eating nuts is lowering your cholesterol.

Eating almonds or nuts can actually help prevent wounds from getting bacteria and infected. Eating nuts can manage cardiovascular disease and help process your digestive system.

Good nut sources are walnuts, almonds, or brazil nuts. You can add them to your food, such as smoothies, nutrition bars, and salads, or just eat them alone. Nut butter is also a great way to get nuts into your diet.

Olive oil

Consuming olive oil is a healthy way to get heart health benefits. Olive oil is good for baking and in salad dressings. It’s loaded with monosaturated fat which is an antioxidant.

Olive oil has vitamin D which can help prevent cancer, improve your blood pressure, and help prevent arthritis. Adding olive oil into your diet can help you maintain a lower healthier weight.


Avocados are a great way to add to your daily diet as they have antioxidant power as well as the good fighting fat-free radicals. Adding avocados to your salad or your smoothies can help you feel better instantly. They’re loaded with vitamin E, which can help prevent diseases and maintain great overall health.

Coconut oil is a great addition to any regular cooking if you’re going to cook you can add coconut oil to smoothie oatmeal bars or baking. Coconut oil can improve your digestion and intestinal health. It provides cardiovascular benefits that will help you feel better. Coconut oil promotes kidney function and can even help your immune system it will help maintain your weight.


Eating seeds can help you improve your health. Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and even flaxseeds are all great additions to your diet. You can add them into smoothies, mix them into your yogurt, or even sprinkle them on your salad.

All of these foods can help you feel better in your skin, when you eat better you feel better and you tend to smile more plus you will have more confidence.