Live Strong: The Advantages of Eating Protein Bars

Any dietician and health expert will tell you that protein is an essential part of a healthy diet. Able to shift slow metabolisms into gear, this traditionally meat-based nutrient has in modern-times been identified in alternative sources – like protein bars. Catering to vegan dispositions that favour sustainability, these types of meat substitutes offers the following advantageous lifestyle benefits.

The Advantages of Eating Protein Bars:

  • Meal Replacement: While it won’t effectively help if you consume protein bars on top of your three daily high-in-protein meals, it is a recommended meal replacement when it comes to weight-loss. A viable means of portion control and calorie restriction, choosing the right bar is crucial to success. Look out for high amounts of protein and fibre (too keep you fuller for longer), as well as an array of nutritious vitamins and minerals.
  • Digestive Snack: Individuals that prefer snacking throughout the day over three staple meals will soon recognise the benefits of protein bars. A fool-proof way to avoid overeating, these digestive snacks come in array of indulgent dessert flavours without the unhealthy consequences, like blood-sugar spikes and excessive weight gain, attached.
  • Workout Support: Proven studies show that protein restores depleted glycogen and speeds up muscle repair post-workout, which is why most healthy protein bars have long been linked to muscle gain. Instead of pumping your body with steroids, supply it with the necessary nutrients to get the most from your gym sessions.
  • Convenience: In this day and age where people are constantly on the go, the convenience of a protein bar is not lost on the average consumer. Instead of going through the Mcdonald’s drive through, or grapping a chocolate from the nearest vending machine, individuals who are trying to control their carbohydrate and sugar intake are turning to this healthy snack to successfully avoid consuming excessive calories.

Infamously cited as often mislabelled, and containing more carbohydrates than is stated upfront, are protein bars as good as the above points indicate?

A macronutrient that supports several structural components of your body, protein has been identified as one of the primary keys to weight loss. If you’re someone who doesn’t have time for extensive meal planning, and are looking for a convenient healthy snack that can be easily eaten in any environment, choose supplementary protein meal bars. Keep in mind that the best ones are those that are low in sugar, fat and sodium – so pick your brand of choice with caution.

  • CC Image from Flickr – Courtesy of Elana’s Pantry

Bella Gray is a lifestyle blogger who highly recommends the dietary benefits of eating protein bars. A fitness junkie and a connosieur of healthy foods, Gray is the perfect go-to-gal for all your lifestyle solutions and tips.

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