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What Is the Drug and Alcohol Detox Process Like?



What is the drug and alcohol detox process like?

After struggling with an addiction to drugs for a while, you may have agreed to get the help your loved ones have been urging you to get for quite some time. The truth is that you cannot get the help you need or even begin your recovery journey until you feel like you are ready to fight the addiction and stop using the drugs.

If you feel like you are ready, and you want to accept the help that is being offered, you may want to get more information on what the drug and alcohol detox process is like so that you will have a better understanding of what you will need to do to start the process off on the right foot.

Getting the Drugs Out of Your System

The Port Saint Lucie drug and alcohol detox process involves giving up the drugs you would normally use each day. It is one of the most challenging aspects of the recovery process, but it must be done if you truly want to get the drugs out of your system and get a fresh start.

It is never safe to go through this process alone because you may experience different side effects when withdrawing your body from the drugs you would use in the morning, throughout the day, and even at night.

It helps to receive medical supervision because of the different withdrawal symptoms, which may include the shakes, heavy sweats, irritability, and even hallucinations. Your body is going to crave the drugs for a short period while you are going through the detoxification process, which is the reason you are likely going to experience these challenging symptoms.

It is better to go through these symptoms while under medical supervision than to go through them while you are all alone at home.

Getting Better Over Time

One thing many addicted people do not realize is that they are not necessarily going to instantly feel better after weaning themselves off drugs. In fact, there are times when addicts tend to feel a lot worse than they anticipated.

The detox process is challenging, and it takes time, but you will eventually start to feel better if you stick with it and remind yourself of all the different reasons you have decided to stop using drugs in the first place. The first day may not be so bad, but you may start feeling irritable and frustrated within a day or two of not having any drugs to take.

The next several days of your recovery journey are going to be anything but easy. While you are being weaned off drugs during the detox in Port Saint Lucie, you will get to participate in other programs and activities that are offered at the inpatient facility, which may include group sessions for addicted individuals, private one-on-one sessions with a psychologist or therapist, and assorted activities that will keep you busy and keep your mind off the drugs.

Although you may struggle with this drastic change in the beginning, you should start feeling a bit better by the end of the week.

The thought of using drugs again may linger in the back of your mind, but knowing you have a support system that is rooting for you and knowing that you are making the right changes in your life could motivate you enough to want to stay on the right path.

Detoxing is not easy and staying sober can become challenging, but it is the best possible thing you could do for yourself, especially if you want to live a long and healthy life with your loved ones. If you are ready to get through these obstacles and start recovering from your addiction because you now know what the detox process is like, you can choose a detox center in Port Saint Lucie to visit and get the help you deserve.

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