Trauma Release Exercises – The Easy Way to Inner Peace

An interesting new method of healing has surfaced recently; one that is gaining credibility around the world and which has proven so effective at releasing post-traumatic stress that even the U.S Military is using it on soldiers to deal with the traumas and stresses of the battlefield.

What is it?

Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) is a breakthrough technique that mimics an animal’s natural and instinctive mechanism of tremoring in times of difficulty and fear to remove stress. To bring about this tremor in humans, an artificial stressor is created by fatiguing muscles of the legs and groin by performing a series of rather tiring exercises. When sufficiently fatigued, the patient lies on his back with his feet on the floor and knees raised. The legs are then butterflied open and the resulting strain required to hold the weight of the legs open causes the tremors.

How do the tremors restore balance?

The tremors tone down the fight or flight response of the central nervous system by creating a fluctuation of contraction and relaxation, thereby releasing tension stored in the muscles and connective tissue. The tremors release the trauma in the same manner it was created in the body.

How do the tremors feel?

They are described by some as a massage starting inside the body and working its way out. It is a fairly pleasurable experience signified by a sensation of release. The degree of the tremors can vary from slight to vigorous, and may occur anywhere in the body where tension is stored.

What are its benefits?

Not only can it help to release the effects of extreme emotional, mental and physical trauma as experienced by rape victims, soldiers etc., but it can also be used with incredible success in reducing stress, anxiety, fears and phobias and psychosomatic conditions. It can also be used to reduce pain, especially in the back.

The exercises are easy to learn, safe to perform and can be done without the aid of a therapist, making it a perfect routine exercise that can replace or be used in conjunction with Yoga or gyming. It is immediately effective, and one very quickly notices the calmness and serenity that begins to fill one’s life when one practises it regularly. Just a few 30-minute sessions a week will have a huge impact on your wellbeing, and many claim that since beginning TRE they have been able to release themselves of years’ of emotional pain that has prevented their lives from moving forward.

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