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How to Artificially Create a Natural Glow



Want to have that natural glow you once had as a teenager? If so, you need to stop waiting for it to show up. As we age, our skin naturally starts to dull and sink. It’s your job to do whatever it takes to prevent that process from happening. Luckily, there are some artificial approaches you can choose to recreate your natural glow. Here are some tips to show you how.

Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundation covers better than traditional foundation, and it is better for your skin. The nutrients in this makeup are designed to heal problems on the surface that you may already be trying to cover. Plus, the aeration in the makeup leaves room for your pores to breathe, which may help you avoid pimples in the future. You may have to spend a little more money to get something like this, but you’ll be happy you did so in the long run.

Minimal Makeup

As a whole, try to keep your makeup to a minimum. The second you start caking shadows and liners all over the place, you’re going to lose the “natural” quality of your glow. Wear something that enhances your features, rather than drawing blatant attention to them. People may think you look that great on your own.


To get your skin looking its best, you have to get rid of the cells that are making it look less-than-perfect right now. Microdermabrasion is an excellent solution to this because it allows you to scrape off your dead skin cells and make room for new ones to form. All you have to do is use a unique tool to get rid of the outermost layer of your skin, and a whole new one will come to life. This will automatically make you look younger and more vibrant.


Finally, you need to try to get as much rest as possible. This will ensure that your skin stays soft and that your body as a whole functions correctly. It may be hard to find time to sleep with work, family, and social commitments, but you need to make some effort. The better rested you are, the more productive and healthy you will be.

Follow the tips above, and you will soon see what your skin was meant to look like. You may not have a completely natural glow about you, but no one will know that but you.