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Say Goodbye To Food Poisoning With These 10 Easy To Follow Tips



Say goodbye to food poisoning with these 10 easy to follow tips

If you have never had food poisoning before then, you are fortunate. It feels horrible. If you are not so lucky, it can knock you out for days, and it ends up affecting your home and work life. It doesn’t need to. Not if you don’t eat any contaminated food. We can go over everything you can do to make sure you aren’t bent over a toilet bowl any time soon.

Always wash before touching food

You’d think it would be pretty obvious to wash your hands before handling food. Sadly that’s not the case. Not to scare you, but sometimes people don’t even wash their hands if they work in a restaurant. It’s just laziness. Always wash your hands with warm soapy water before you cook anything.

Clean your kitchen properly

I know you would instead be sitting watching TV after you finish your meals. The kitchen should be kept clean at all times. And that also includes your utensils. Don’t just dip them in water and presume they’re clean. Give them a good scrub and make sure all the crap is gone.

Use separate boards

When you are cutting your food, you should always use two separate boards for your cooked and raw foods. It’s all too easy to start chopping vegetables on a board that’s had raw chicken on it. This also applies to the knives that you use to cut the food.

Wash your fruits and veg

Before you use any fruits and vegetables, it’s essential to wash them properly under the tap. They will probably be brought in from the fields and dumped in the supermarket. Think about all that horrible stuff that’s going to be on them. If you don’t do it already, start straight away.

Defrost your food

When you know you are going to be using something that’s been in the freezer, you should always take it out the night before and let it defrost. It’s too easy to forget, and you are left hungry with something that’s not been fully defrosted. Don’t chance your luck and try using it when it’s still partly frozen.

Watch out for pets

If you have any pets in the house, they will most likely try and get at the food. Normally with dogs, it’s OK because they can’t jump onto the counter, but if you have a cat, they won’t have any problem getting to the food. If they’ve been out rummaging all day, you have no idea where their mouth has been.

Don’t have pink bits

I’m sure everyone has been cooking food and hasn’t had the patience to wait long enough for it to finish. Just because you like your steak raw doesn’t mean you can do the same with chicken. Always make sure you cook your food until it is cooked all the way through.

Organize your fridge

When you get home from the supermarket and start putting your food away, you should keep the raw and cooked foods separate. If you think that’s common sense, you’d be right, but it’s not familiar enough because lots of people aren’t doing it.

Get rid of bad food

I’m sure everyone has been in the position of taking out food from the fridge and nearly being knocked over because of the bad smell. If you were one of the ones who decided to cook it anyway, you should stop now. If anything smells like it’s been lying under the sun for a week, you should get rid of it.

Check the dates

Food comes with a used-by time for a reason. It’s so you don’t get sick when eating it. If it were OK to eat, they would not throw it in the bins behind the supermarket. Don’t eat anything that’s out of date. You can change it, but you won’t have anyone to blame when you’re throwing up.