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Living a Healthier Working Life – Easy Tips to Follow



A lot of us mostly spend our days in the office. We face piles of reports and we go to countless meetings. Let’s just say that corporate life can be very demanding. Those who would like to step one notch higher on the corporate ladder might be jeopardizing their own health. That shouldn’t be an excuse for not living healthy. Remember, healthy people, are more productive. Don’t take your health for granted.

You are lucky because I’m about to give easy to follow tips on how you are going to live a healthier working life. Start today. Not tomorrow, but today.

Choose healthier snacks. Open your drawer. Are you seeing sweets and junk foods? If yes, make that your last batch of ‘sin’ foods. Next time that you to a supermarket, choose healthier snacks. Potato chips and candies can be replaced with fruits. Your sodas can be replaced with fruit juices or just water.

Eat on time. It doesn’t matter if you have tons of reports. Starving yourself won’t help in becoming more efficient. Plus, don’t rush your meal. Chew it properly. Of course, I’m not telling you to spend 3 hours on a single snack.

Use your office equipment to exercise. Admittedly, only a few people who work have the privilege to still go to the gym. However, it shouldn’t stop you from flexing your muscles. There are quick to follow exercises which you can do even in your own cubicle. You can make use of your desks and chairs. Don’t just sit there. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to have a flatter tummy, right?  

Avoid using your break time as your smoking time. Chain smokers might have a hard time quitting. I know the feeling. I’m not asking you to drastically stop your habit. But you can minimize your smoking routines. If you puff 2 sticks on your break time, try to puff just one. Or, you can just have a healthy candy and have a small chat with your officemates. That’s healthier and more fun if you ask me.

Don’t stress yourself with deadlines. Lastly, stress can really take a toll on our health. The key to finish your deadlines is to focus. Plus, don’t do all your deadlines all at once. List down the most important and urgent ones and start with those. Avoid checking your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Those can eat up your time. If you are already fed up, you can just visualize that you have done your reports. That can help you as well.

Again, healthy employees work better. There’s no need for gym equipment or a nutritionist to start living healthy at work. You just need to choose the right food and to maximize what you have.