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Warm Water Therapies and Soaks for Your Health



As long as man has been walking this planet, he has inherently known the benefit of warm waters. Today, the thriving hot tub and spa market is a testament to the continuing benefit, both mentally and physically, provided by simple hot water. Below I will list just a few of the benefits you may have not considered

Since ancient times, people have recognized hot water as a powerful treatment against pain, nerves, insomnia, and other maladies. A hot tub’s restorative powers are matched only by its ability to help you immediately relax. If you haven’t considered the health benefits of hot tubs before, maybe it’s time you did.

Back Pain Relief

Everyone knows someone who has chronic back pain. Studies suggest about 31 million Americans alone are having difficulty with back pain. Simple heat is well known to be one of the most simple and effective treatments for many back pains. A soak in a hot tub that is set around 100 degrees will serve to open up the entire body’s circulation, and with increased circulation comes increased nutrients to trouble areas. In addition to the simple benefits of the heat on your circulation, the next concurrent benefit is due to the practically weightless state your body can achieve in deep enough water. This combination of removing the load from your spine and body, along with the heat, can work wonders for pains associated with load-bearing bodily systems such as feet, legs, spine, and the overall skeletal system.

Resistance Workouts for Strength, Flexibility, and Therapy

Keep in mind that the benefits above can also be combined with resistance workouts. Water therapy equipment can be purchased at gyms or online, and they will provide increased resistance to movement in the water. Depending on the exercise you select, you can derive benefits of improved muscle tone, increased flexibility, therapeutic benefit by the controlled and isolated work of an injured area. You can also create resistance to movement using the hot tub jets.

With the water’s assistance in decreasing the load on your body, specific muscle groups can be isolated and focused upon to increase flexibility. This is natural when in combination with hot water. The natural flotation also lowers stress on your muscles and joints, by allowing very smooth motion.

Sleep Aid

For those suffering from difficulty getting to sleep, and staying asleep, a soak in a hot tub before going to bed will certainly help with both. Remember when your mother would give you a warm glass of milk before bed? It worked based on the same concept. Keep your spa hot (around 100 degrees) and make sure to have a thick hot tub cover so your heating bills will be minimized.

Mental Relaxation

Lets also not forget the benefit of mental relaxation experienced after a hot tub soak. Having to sit still, with jets caressing your body, work together to bring a calmness to your mental state. If you can share your tub soak with family, even better. Let your other troubles drift away and out of your mind. This too will aid in your falling and staying, asleep. Increasing the time spent with family is never bad either, and can be something wonderful as an added social benefit.

Happy Tubbing!