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How To Make Your Face And Body Skin Perfect?



Unfortunately, women often think that elastic skin is a privilege of youth, and after 40 you can forget about beautiful and smooth skin. Is it really true?

Let’s talk about age. As noted by one of the popular authors, age is only a number and nothing more. People put their own meanings into the numbers that they are getting used to it and do not wish to go beyond stereotypes.

The same goes for our skin: it can lose elasticity even at 25 years, if you don’t take care of it and live an improper and unhealthy lifestyle, thinking that facial and body care is an unnecessary waste of time.

What should you do to make your face and body skin elastic?

It is absolutely possible to keep your body skin firm and elastic. Also, there are different methods to restore your skin’s elasticity if it is lost, but you will have to make your best efforts to achieve it if you want to look beautiful and sexy.

There are many ways to look beautiful and attractive and one of them is physical exercise. Most of the women think about physical exercise as something not serious and refer to an excuse that they are terribly busy. Of course, you can skip physical exercises but it is a sport, gymnastics, fitness, yoga, and even dancing that help us, and therefore our skin. Spots help us wake up, provides us with energy, improves metabolism and blood circulation. At the same time spots have a good influence on our skin as well. Skin gets the flow of nutrients and oxygen, so it becomes smooth and beautiful.

Water Treatments For Your Skin

After the exercise, you can take a refreshing contrast shower. It stimulates your vessels by expanding and narrowing them. After a month of a regular contrast shower, you will notice that your skin becomes smoother, softer, and more elastic. You can even make a massage with a help of a stiff brush to get it red, but not too much in order not to hurt your skin.

Wet your skin, apply some body scrub and wash it off within 5-10 minutes with a gentle body rub making circular motions, then rinse with the shower gel. Don’t use scrubs too often – once a week or even less. It is recommended to use scrubs in the evening rather than in the morning. Use it in the evening after taking a bath, it is easier to clean the pores when your skin is steamed.

Shower gels can be used every day – they do not harm your skin. Choose a shower gel with a nice flavor that you like, and it will also help to create a positive atmosphere for a whole day.

After a shower, you can use a body cream with a light texture. Such creams are quickly absorbed and perfectly moisturize your skin. Perform this minimum procedure every day, and your skin will remain supple, soft, and beautiful for a long time.

Your skin is the first thing people see so it is important to take care of it properly. Along with taking proper care of your skin on the outside you should also eat the right foods like low-fat dairy products and foods high in vitamin A to keep your skin soft, healthy, and looking good.