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How to Avoid Future Back Pain



Back pain can take a toll on your body and is often challenging to overcome, so NYC Back Pain wants to help you do everything possible to prevent back pain upfront. Back pain may have a variety of origins, and while some back pain is due to uncontrollable circumstances such as gender, age, and genes, some types of back pain can be controlled. Back pain may stem from a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, improper posture, being overweight, or emotional or physical stress. Focus on these areas to eliminate certain factors that could contribute to back pain.

If you smoke or are overweight, these are key areas you can maintain to help prevent back pain. Stop smoking, manage your weight, and participate in moderate exercise. A healthy lifestyle is essential to avoid future back pain.

If your posture is weak, consider improving it. Try out your posture by standing with your back against a wall, ensuring that your head, shoulders, buttocks, calves, and heels should all touch. Slip your hand behind the small of your back, step away from the wall, and typically stand to see if your posture shifts. If it does change, correct it. If you stand for long periods each day, the shoes you wear are essential. Wear flat shoes with arch support.

If you sit at a desk all day, reflect on your sitting posture. Be sure you are sitting in a chair that supports your hips and is set at a ten-degree angle. Your chair should not touch the back of your knees, and it should cradle the small of your back. Sit with your feet flat, your arms on the desk, and your elbows at a right angle. Practice good posture while both standing and sitting to avoid lower back pain.

If you often lift heavy objects, be aware of how you do so. Do not bend at your waist, but instead use your legs. Squat with your legs while maintaining a straight back, then pick up the object and stand. Your legs should be in control instead of your back.

There are several activities you could engage in to strengthen your back and prevent pain. With your doctor, discuss the benefits of back-strengthening exercises in helping you stretch and strengthen your back and to avoid pain in the future. Some forms of yoga and tai chi should also be considered to help you improve your posture, balance, strength, and flexibility.

Speaking to your doctor is the key to preventing back pain.