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Ubiquinol Supplementation Helps Prevent Statin Side Effects And Slows Down Aging Processes



Ubiquinol Supplements

Ubiquinol is a vital component of major energy systems in all cells of the body. It is used to produce the energetic currency of the body called ATP, which is consumed to sustain a great variety of physiologic processes, such as muscle contraction, hormone production, nerve cell signaling, filtration, and toxic substance removal in kidneys, among many others.

ATP is like “money” for body cells because it incorporates an energetic value that is consumed wherever and whenever needed when the ATP molecule is broken down. Ubiquinol is used to make almost 95 percent of all ATP in specialized cellular structures called the mitochondria. It is the activated form of CoQ10 (Co Enzyme Q10), which is also used to produce energy in cells, but usually converts to ubiquinol to make the process more efficient.

Statin Drugs Lower The Risks Of Cardiovascular Disease But Have Important Side Effects

The cells that are the most vulnerable to ubiquinol and CoQ10 deficiency are located in the heart, the brain, and the kidneys. It happens because these are the most active tissues in one’s body. Individuals who are taking statins to lower their blood cholesterol and reduce the chances of a heart attack or stroke are frequently exposed to statin side effects.

The most prominent of statin side effects is the ability of the cholesterol-lowering medication to reduce the production of CoQ10 in the liver, which translates into ubiquinol deficiency, a greater vulnerability to oxidative stress, exposure to “attacks” from toxins and free oxygen radicals, and less energy available for an effective heart function. Ubiquinol statin combination is frequently recommended by medical professionals to prevent statin side effects and replenish ubiquinol and CoQ10 levels, especially in the heart and kidneys.

Ubiquinol intake and statin cholesterol-lowering therapy help preserve the benefits of normalizing cholesterol levels and preventing cholesterol buildup in the arteries while conserving the beneficial antioxidant, anti-aging, and energy-enhancing effects of ubiquinol in the heart, which is a powerful combination facilitating cardiovascular health in individuals with high cholesterol.

Ubiquinol Statin Side Effects Removal Reduces Chronic Fatigue And Muscle Pain

The ability of statin drugs to lower cholesterol is frequently overshadowed by their capacity to reduce CoQ10 and ubiquinol levels, which translates into a less effective energetic metabolism, exposure to free radicals, and metabolic byproducts and acceleration of aging. Individuals taking statin medication experience chronic fatigue, muscle pain or muscular weakness, drowsiness, insomnia, and other signs of low energy levels and diminished protection from toxins.

Ubiquinol and statin drugs are taken together is an excellent way to counteract the side effects and maintain the benefits of normalized blood cholesterol, which helps individuals at high cardiovascular risk to conduct an active lifestyle without bothersome muscle weakness and fatigue.

Ubiquinol also has potent antioxidant properties, which are more prominent and intense than CoQ10 antioxidant capacities. Ubiquinol protects most cells in the body from “aggressive” free oxygen radicals that may damage cellular DNA, byproducts of cell metabolism, and toxins that accumulate during normal physiologic processes or as a result of drug administration.

Ubiquinol also improves the physical appearance of individuals who take it as a supplement because it significantly slows down aging processes and contributes to a more youthful and “fresh” appearance.