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Weight Loss

5 Fun Ways to Lose Weight



If you’re anything like me, being stuck in the gym (especially on the weekend) is not your idea of fun. While many people struggle to lose weight, there is a great range of fun activities that can help you to lose weight without losing your social life. Whether you want to get your family and friends involved or take this journey solo, check out our great ideas for making exercise fun!

Experience the Best Views in the World

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a chore, nor does it need to be boring. While walking on a treadmill can become tiresome, imagine the difference between trekking through a rainforest or walking through the pristine surrounds of a national park. Most national parks have high mountain treks, with the rewarding experience of witnessing one of the best views in the world on completion of your exercise routine. Pack a healthy picnic lunch and head to a lookout for a relaxing afternoon exercise routine.

Take the Kids to the Park

If you’ve got children, running around and cleaning up after them can often be one of the best ways to lose weight. If you want to spice things up a bit, however, why not spend a day at the park? The kids will love getting out into the fresh air, and you’ll get your exercise by kicking a ball or playing a game with them. This is something that the whole family will enjoy, making it an excellent option for promoting a healthy lifestyle for your kids.

Team Sports

Grab your friends and get together for a friendly game of netball, beach volleyball or touch football. Many local sporting fields have friendly competitions for mixed teams, allowing you and your mates to get together for some weekly fun. The best thing about playing a sport is that you’ll be trying so hard to beat the other team that you’ll forget you’re even exercising!

Weekend Bike Ride

Taking a leisurely bike ride is both enjoyable and a great way to lose weight. Bicycles are a great exercise tool, working various muscles and helping to burn away unwanted fat. If you’re looking to lose weight, you have the option of a leisurely ride along the beachfront or an adrenaline-pumping day of downhill mountain biking. A weekend bike ride can easily be transformed into a family-friendly activity, suitable for kids of all ages.

Play with your Dog

Your body and your dog will love you for this one. Have you ever tried playing with your dog, while standing still? It’s virtually impossible. The great thing about taking your four-legged friend out for a play is that you’ll both be getting the exercise you need. Dogs often push us to walk faster or motivate us to be more enthusiastic, making them a best friend to anyone who’s trying to lose a few extra kilos!

Your weekly exercise routine doesn’t have to be something that you continually put off, simply because it’s not enjoyable. Ditch the gym and fill your exercise routine with fun and rewarding activities!