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How To Use An Exercise Ball To Prevent Blood Clots



Blood clots and other ailments such as varicose veins are all associated with sitting in one position for too long as this can cause the circulation to slow down. If you have a desk job, sitting on an exercise ball for all or part of the day encourages movement and helps keep the circulation going, which makes you far less likely to encounter these problems. On top of this, it can keep muscles strong and healthy as it prevents you from being immobile for any length of time.

Sitting Position

In a regular chair, many people naturally find themselves sitting with one leg crossed over the other. This is bad for the circulation over a prolonged period of time. If you use an exercise ball you will find it impossible to sit in this position. Having good posture and remaining active throughout the day has many long term health benefits besides preventing blood clots. An exercise ball encourages you to change position frequently to maintain your balance, which prevents muscles from shortening or seizing up over time.

Staying Mobile

Moving around as much as possible during the working day is extremely beneficial health-wise. Sitting on an exercise ball means you will naturally make a series of small shifts in movement throughout the course of the day. This all helps to keep your circulation going and put you back in a low-risk category for blood clots.


As well as these small movements, there are numerous exercises that you can perform whilst seated on an exercise ball while you work. If you purchase a ball it will come with instructions to guide you through the types of exercises you could do. Knee lifts, ankle rolling, and toe pointing whilst on an exercise ball all have more effect than when performed from regular office chairs.

Health Considerations

Although all the above benefits are true, it is still advisable to consult your doctor before deciding to use an exercise ball all day. If you have any long-standing muscular complaints or other concerns your doctor may advise you to only use the ball for part of the day. Even if you do purchase and use one of the balls, it is still important to get up regularly and perform stretches throughout the day. No matter what you choose to sit on, nothing beats simply getting up and walking around to keep your circulation going. Take short breaks from sitting every hour or so – even just crossing the office to use the photocopier or get a glass of water will help.